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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Scheugenpflug: Dispensing Automation
Dispensing system production cell.
Neustadt, Germany — Scheugenpflug's powerful CNCell with Rotary Table is a versatile unit that simultaneously automates at least four different production steps and skillfully balances the man/machine interaction to promote lean production.

The CNCell is a multifunctional CNC controlled unit that seamlessly integrates with the company's equipment, delivering comprehensive yet completely lean production capabilities. The CNCell saves space and lowers costs while ensuring the highest levels of precision and quality. Its modular design can be customized to match existing requirements and seamlessly expand to meet future needs, maximizing both performance and profitability.

Used by industrial manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, Scheugenpflug's solutions are designed with an eye towards streamlining the production of parts for everything from medical technology to photovoltaics. Scheugenpflug's focus is on automating the processes of mixing, metering, and dispensing heavy resins and adhesives — the industrial materials that are essential to maintaining the long-term quality and durability of the final product. Scheugenpflug machines handle these abrasive materials effortlessly, ensuring precise, error-free application in just seconds.

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