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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Muhlbauer: Card Hot Stamping System
ID card hot stamping system.
Roding, Germany — The Muhlbauer card hot stamping system CHS 200 is a cost-efficient solution for applying hologram and signature panels from reel onto cards in format ID1. Further security features can also be applied.

The CHS 200 reaches a maximum speed of up to 3,500 UPH. Cards can be processed on both sides by feeding each card through the machine twice — once for each side. As an option, the machine can be extended with a second application module and a turning unit to process the front and back of the card inline in one cycle. This is especially suitable for motor vehicle ID and credit cards. Both modules can also work independently from each other.

Flexibility, quality and easy operation are the key benefits of the new CHS 200. Card orientation can be checked before application to sort out wrongly positioned cards. Process parameters are adjustable and storable by software. The foils are positioned very accurately by a print mark recognition sensor. An optional vision system is available for quality assurance. For security reasons, unused holograms can be automatically destroyed. Due to the small footprint, the system is easily accessible for a quick change of different hot stamps as well as for an easy cleaning of the stamps.

Contact: Muhlbauer, Inc., 725 Middle Ground Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606-2512 757-873-0424 fax: 757-873-0485 Web: or

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