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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Siemens: New Rent-A-Gantry Helps Meet Peak Demands
Siplace SX can add a second gantry easily and quickly.
Munich, Germany — Siemens' new Siplace SX autoplacer can virtually double its placing capacity with the addition of a second "rent-a-gantry" placement head. Users can rent a second gantry for several months to meet peak demand periods, thus obviating the need to invest in additional equipment or upgrade hardware. The add-in gantry can be installed in just a few minutes, providing needed capacity-on-demand increases for the contract manufacturer or OEM in-house production line.

The technical prerequisite is the newly developed interchangeable gantries of the Siplace SX, which make it possible to scale the placement performance of an existing line flexibly and in accordance with demand while protecting the user's liquidity.

As part of this capacity-on-demand concept, electronics manufacturers can choose from two flavors of Rent-a-Gantry to meet their production objectives in the most efficient manner: "Peak Demand" and "Floating Demand".

Rent-a-Gantry for Peak Demand — is designed for short-term requirements like those caused by rush orders or seasonal fluctuations with durations of up to four months. For this classic scenario, the company offers short-term gantry rentals for up to four months which can be renewed if necessary.

The "Rent-a-Gantry for Floating Demand" provides a different approach to meet demand fluctuations caused by economic factors. Siplace now offers electronics manufacturers a somewhat different approach. The customer initially invests in the number of machines (frames with no gantries and no heads), feeders and accessories he thinks he needs to meet the anticipated placement performance and feeder capacity requirements. For each the customer also acquires 20 "gantry vouchers", each of which entitles him to use a gantry with any type of head for a period of three months. The price for each voucher does not become due until a gantry is requested. The vouchers are good for a period of five years.

This approach a level of flexibility that far exceeds traditional leasing models. Mixed models are conceivable, too. For example, a customer can purchase a small number of gantries the traditional way and rent additional gantries when needed by using vouchers. For each of these requirements, the Rent-a-Gantry models for Peak Demand and Floating Demand are therefore exceptionally attractive offerings that provide electronics manufacturers with new options in an increasingly unpredictable and fluctuating market.

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