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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Narda Intros Compact SP5T PIN-Diode Switch

Hauppauge, NY — Narda, an L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) company, has introduced the Model SS153DHS SP5T reflective PIN-diode switch that operates from DC to 18GHz and provides fast switching speed, high isolation, low insertion loss, and is housed in a rugged compact package. The switch is therefore ...
NK Technologies Intros Current Indicator

San Jose, CA — NK Technologies is introducing the AMPFlasher current indicator, a simple, safe, and inexpensive way to quickly see live current-carrying conductors. AMPFlasher can accurately sense current draw without having to wrap the conductor through the hole multiple times. A flashing LED ...
Novatech Intros Low Cost Synthesizer

Seattle, WA — Novatech Instruments, Inc. is introducing the Model 409B/02, a four-output, two-frequency 171MHz Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) Table Top Signal Generator with 0.1Hz frequency resolution and ±1.5ppm accuracy.
Optical Cable Intros Bend Tolerant Fiber Cables

Roanoke, VA — Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is introducing its High Density (HD) Bend Tolerant cable developed to suit data centers and space-constrained applications.The cables are suitable for use in trunk, LAN, data center, 40/100 GbE and other high-density applications where small size, light ...
Optrex: Capacitive Touch Switch Displays

Plymouth, MI — Optrex America Inc. has developed an advanced capacitive touch switch technology that detects variations in position and command, eliminates air gaps and reduces the number of layers required. This technology offers the highest standards of optical performance with great ease of design ...
Phaseda Intros Power Rocker Switch

Beaverton, OR — Phaseda LLC has introduced a compact power rocker switch, the RL1-8. The new rocker switch is designed for sub-panel assembly, and better esthetic product design. It has a high temperature rating up to 105°C, and its UL rating is 125VAC at 16A, with 1/2HP for motor applications ...
PI: Faster Laser/Piezo Autofocus System

Auburn, MA — Partnership between specialists in automation can yield important benefits to research and OEM users. With each player bringing specific expertise, teamwork often surpasses what a single organization can achieve. A case in point:
Protek Power: New Medical & ITE Supplies

Hudson, MA — The new PM42 Series of AC/DC power supplies from Protek Power North America offers 30 to 48W of performance-packed design and compliance to both EN60101-1 medical safety standards and EN60950-1 ITE safety standards. The power supplies are suitable for a variety of applications, including ...
PSUI Intros 1U High AC/DC Supplies

Wrentham, MA — Power Sources Unlimited is introducing the NXT-400 Series of compact, AC/DC power supplies which pack 400W of power into an industry leading 8.5W/cubic inch power density, fitting easily into 1U high OEM applications or any application where space is critical. The units measure just ...
Power Partners Intros LED Power Supplies

Hudson, MA — Power Partners is introducing the PIL40U-C Series of LED power supplies which provide 40W in a compact, IP66 waterproof case. The supply is designed to meet the need to support the increasing amount of industrial, commercial and residential applications for LED lighting.
Radiall Intros New Insert and Contact Layouts

Chandler, AZ — Radiall USA, Inc. is introducing its new size 10 concentric twinax contact with three new insert configurations for the NSX series (ARINC 600 standard). The NSX series (ARINC 600 standard) are multipin rack-and-panel connectors used to connect high performance avionics equipment. The ...
10kV DIP 24 DC/DC Converters from Recom

Dreieich, Germany — Recom Electronic GmbH has developed a DC/DC converter in a DIP24 case that breaks the 10kV barrier. The new converters, the REC 3.5 and REC 6 families, offer 10kVDC isolation.
Regal: Rugged RJ-45 Couplers

Sunnyvale, CA — Regal Electronics has introduced a new Rugged Series of RJ-45 couplers designed specifically for severe mechanical environments in industrial-level applications. The couplers' strong die-cast housings are more resistant to shock and physical abuse than their all-plastic and sheet ...
Richardson: HC Power Series Ultracapacitors

LaFox, IL — Now available from Richardson Electronics, the HC Power Series Ultracapacitor product family (Maxwell Technologies) is helping circuit designers meet growing demands for pulse power capability and short-term back-up power in consumer electronics, rechargeable power tools, and wireless ...
Saelig Intros Customizable USB2.0 Module

Pittsford, NY — Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the QuickUSB — an unusual and customizable quick and easy USB2.0 connectivity solution. This compact 2 x 1-in. circuit board implements a bus-powered Hi-speed USB 2.0 endpoint terminating in a single 80-pin target interface connector. With the ...
Rugged Transit Power Converter from Schaefer

Ashland, MA — Schaefer, Inc. has released the MHVC250 high voltage DC/DC converter. The product's design provides a wide input range of 420 to 975VDC which converts voltage from a transit system's third rail to 24VDC for supplying points, signal lamps and electronic monitoring. The converter can ...
Semelab Intros DLCC MELF Diodes

Leicestershire, UK — TT electronics Semelab has developed a series of ceramic diode leadless chip carrier devices for military, aerospace, avionics and high-temperature applications. Designated the DLCC Series, the diodes provide enhanced thermal performance and better solderability in a fully-hermetic ...
Spectra-Physics Intros Industrial Laser

Santa Clara, CA — Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corporation Brand, has added to its Tristar family of Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) industrial lasers. The high-repetition-rate Tristar 355-2 is suitable for high throughput LED scribing and provides over 2W of 355nm output at 90kHz and ...
Sullins: Hi-Temp Headers & Edge Connectors

San Marcos, CA — Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc. has expanded its comprehensive portfolio of high-temperature devices to include Hi-Temp 0.100-in. (2.54mm) contact centerline male headers that support an operating temperature range of -65 to +150°C. The new single- and dual-row Hi-Temp headers ...
Rugged Data Connectors from Mil-Con

Wood Dale, IL — Mil-Con, Inc. is introducing a new series of data connectors designed to meet harsh environmental requirements where high thermal and corrosion resistance is imperative. The new connectors reportedly provide superior performance, reliability, and secure data communications throughout ...
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