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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Harting Intros Next Gen Connector

Elgin, IL — Harting is introducing the Han-Yellock® connector series, calling it the next generation of connection technology. The device is a completely new connector series developed from several years of market feedback. The sleek new design is esthetically pleasing yet tremendously effective ...Read More
Alpha Wire Intros Flexible Control Cable

Elizabeth, NJ — Alpha Wire has introduced its Series XM Flexible Control Cable with a specially formulated PVC jacket that provides resilience in continuous flex applications.Read More
APEM Intros Sealed Push-Pull Switch

Haverhill, MA — APEM Components has introduced the 13000 series push-pull switch. This sealed push-button switch, designated the 13440, maintains a down position when activated and requires an upward or pull force to de-activate. The switch requires approximately 5 pounds of force to activate in ...Read More
SMD Tuning Fork Crystals from AVX

Myrtle Beach, SC — AVX Corporation has developed a highly reliable surface mount crystal resonator that provides a nominal frequency of 32.768kHz in a small ceramic package of 3.2 x 1.5mm and a profile of only 0.8mm. Designated ST3215SB, the reflow-compatible tuning fork crystal resonator has a frequency ...Read More
B&K Precision Intros USB Bench-top Multimeter

Yorba Linda, CA — B&K Precision has launched its newest benchtop multimeter with a budget price. The Model 2831E multimeter is suitable for applications in education, service and repair, manufacturing or any application where affordable, accurate, and reliable measurements are needed.Read More
Bel Power: Point-of-Load Power Converters

Westborough, MA — Bel Power, a division of Bel Fuse Inc. (NASDAQ: BELFA & BELFB), has introduced the SLIN Series of non-isolated, point-of-load (POL) DC/DC converters. The new products are added to the company's growing portfolio of parts targeting distributed power architectures and intermediate ...Read More
Cornell Dubilier Adds High Current Power Film Caps

Liberty, SC — For power electronics design engineers looking for bulk energy storage and ripple current filtering for DC link applications, Cornell Dubilier has expanded its high current power film capacitor series to include more than 120 different ratings with extended voltages up to 1300VDC and ...Read More
Emerson Intros Compact Quad Output Supplies

Carlsbad, CA — Emerson Network Power has introduced the LPQ200-M series of compact 200W open frame AC-DC power supplies with four adjustable outputs. With a 3 x 5-in. (76 x 127mm) footprint and a height of 1.32-in. (33.5mm) — less than 1U. LPQ200-M power supplies offer a power density of more ...Read More
TDK-EPC Offers PTC SMD Thermistors

Iselin, NJ — TDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, has introduced a series of EPCOS SMD PTC thermistors for limit temperature measurement. They are available in case sizes 0805, 0603 and 0402. Compared to the standard series, these components employ a more homogeneous ceramic material ...Read More
E-Switch Intros Lighted PB Switches

Minneapolis, MN — E-Switch is introducing its LP2 series illuminated pushbutton switch with multiple LED colors, custom marking options on the caps, and different cap sizes. The LED colors available are red, blue, green, yellow, white or none. In addition, there are six different button colors available ...Read More
Extech: Versatile Tweezer Multimeter

Waltham, MA — Extech Instruments has introduced the new RC200 Tweezer Multimeter which permits tweezer-style testing of small, SMD components as well as standard electronic and electrical testing using easy-to-swap test leads.Read More
Global Specialties Intros 11 Kits

Yorba Linda, CA — Global Specialties, LLC has introduced Eleven High Quality Electronic Kits. Each kit comes complete with detailed assembly instructions and all necessary parts. All kits come in attractive retail packaging and are available from stock for immediate delivery.Read More
New Micro Battery Retainer from Keystone

Astoria, NY — A new, miniature Lithium button cell retainer suited for high density PCB packaging has been added to Keystone Electronics Corp.'s selection of surface mount battery retainers for SMT applications.Read More
New Lumex UV LEDs in Glass-Topped Packages

Palatine, IL — Lumex has launched its QuasarBrite UV family of LED technologies. According to the company, the UV LEDs provide a 10 times longer lifespan, tight beam angle, enhanced durability and up to 50 percent cost savings compared to alternative technologies.Read More
Murata Intros New SIP DC/DC Converters

Mansfield, MA — Murata Power Solutions has added new 6 and 10 Amp models with wide input voltage range to its Okami PoL DC/DC converter range — the OKR-T/6-W12 Series and the OKR-T/10-W12 Series.Read More
NKK Intros Mercury-Free Mini Tilt Switches

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has launched the DSB Series of mercury-free tilt sensor switches. These environmentally friendly switches are engineered to replace mercury and pendulum switches and are well suited to meet product safety concerns due to normally closed (on) status.Read More
High Freq. Test Cables from RF Industries

San Diego, CA — RF Industries now offers a line of 18GHz precision test grade cables in standard or custom lengths, suitable for production or lab environments. Incorporating high-grade, passivated, stainless steel SMA males with PTFE insulators, this unusual cable is configured for low loss and ...Read More
SolaHD Intros Industrial-Grade UPS

Rosemont, IL — SolaHD has unveiled its S4K2UC Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) that incorporates an unusual combination of advanced true on-line, double conversion technology contained within a rugged, ultra-compact chassis that is suitable for industrial computing, automation systems, robotics ...Read More
Hi Power Metal Alloy Resistors from IRC

Boone, NC — TT electronics IRC is now offering two series of low-resistance metal alloy current sense chip resistors. Designated the ULR and LRMA Series, the resistors have a metal strip construction capable of withstanding high temperatures and large currents.Read More
Littelfuse TVS Diode from TTI

Fort Worth, TX — TTI, Inc. is offering the widest range of Littelfuse Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diodes. The TVS and other circuit protection products are suitable for protecting semiconductor components from high-voltage transients and can fill a wide range of circuit protection applications ... Read More
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