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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Finding Counterfeits with Ultrasound

The vast majority of counterfeit plastic-encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs) are not counterfeit in the sense that a phony $20 bill is counterfeit. They are not made from scratch, as the phony bill is. Instead they are "recycled" — removed from recycled printed wiring boards and cosmetically ...
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Distributors: Special Help in Troubled Market

Reliability and consistency are two of the top reasons that engineers look to electronic component distributors for parts. These reasons still hold true, especially during unique economic times such as the ones we face today.Read More
Choosing the Right Joystick

Joysticks have become the user interface of choice for many industrial and high-performance control systems. For applications as diverse as security-camera surveillance, motorized wheelchairs, microscopes, construction equipment and submarines, joysticks provide the flexibility and ...Read More
HSI Sealed Reeds Solve Medical Problems

Syncro Medical, a medical device company, wanted to pioneer a smarter, better, and easier-to-administrate small bowel feeding tube for critical care patients.
Historically, feeding tubes had markings to indicate a certain insertion position length into the human body. Doctors would mark their measurements of the length on the tube that had...
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Counterfeit Products: Just Say No

Once upon a time, you could buy a "genuine" Rolex watch on a New York City street corner for $25 — right next to the pushcart vendor selling Sabrett hot dogs. It looked good, and might even tell time — for a while. When you bought it, you knew for sure it was a fake, and would ...Read More
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