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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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ECD Intros Solar Profiling Kit
Profiling kit for photovoltaic production.
Milwaukie, OR — ECD has entered the solar market with the introduction of the V-M.O.L.E.® Solar Profiling Kit. The kit is designed for the metallization process of photovoltaic solar cells, and the profiler is currently in use at research institutes, oven OEMs and live production areas.

Solar device efficiencies are a result of the metallization process and are driven by process parameters of hold time (dry time), firing cycle ramp rate, peak temperature, and cool-down rate. Designed for ease and speed of use, the solar profiling kit combines patented and proven elements of legacy profilers with adaptations for metallization's special requirements. It comes with the company's thermal profiler, the special solar thermal barrier, which is only 0.7-in. (18mm) in height, MAP software, and special thermocouples, all of which are necessary for measuring and assuring that the key profile parameters are being met. The patented "OK" Button allows for faster results from the profiling process.

The RoHS-compliant 3-channel profiler is the heart of the kit, providing quick-charge capability to go from "dead-to-profiling" in under 15 minutes, it has features not available on other thermal profilers in the solar market. The patented OK Button gives instant feedback following a profile run; the system stores over 90 solar profile runs without the need to download, and uses a standard USB connection to program, download, and charge the profiler. The unit allows speedy programming of key parameters and control limits into the profiler's memory, creating the ideal target profile. The OK Button gives a quick and accurate Go/No-Go reading of the profile right on the face of the profiler.

The solar kit's thermal barrier is specifically designed to handle the oven opening's constraints and the profile needs of the metallization process. This bright-finish hinged steel enclosure is a mere 0.7-in. (18mm) thick, 3.1-in. (78mm) wide and 9.3-in. (236mm) long. Its internal spun polyamide insulation, latching closure detents on both sides and gloved-hand opener tabs make it effective and easy to use. As an additional benefit, the V-M.O.L.E. profiler may be used in the Diffusion or AR (anti-reflective) processes in a "feed-and-retrieve" mode, where even tighter physical constraints prohibit the use of the thermal barrier.

Because special consideration must be paid to thermocouples used in the solar metallization process, high temperature alloy stainless steel sheathed thermocouples are specially made to meet rapid temperature rise time and higher temperature peak requirements. They are 0.020-in. (0.5mm) diameter and 12-in. long. The type-K thermocouples are equipped with standard mini-connectors (Male) and can handle temperatures up to 1150°C (2102°F).

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