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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Vi Technology Intros New Inspection Programming
Saint-Egreve, France — Vi Technology® has launched Vision2009, the new integrated software suite, which goes a step further in simplifying programming for PC board layout.

New intuitive "Wizards" guide users through each step of program creation and optimization, reducing the need for advanced training. VisCAM, an intuitive graphical assistant, is available at the first step of the program creation — giving the ability to quickly and easily set up a program, defining board layout and accurate fiducial position on a real PCB image.

Teach Assist dramatically simplifies new model creation of leaded components. Only a few clicks are required to automatically measure ICs dimensions on real images and position inspection algorithms. This tool is flexible enough to enable the creation of odd components or connectors in a minimal amount of time. The fine-tuning phase is now optimized with the Tune Assist that guides users during the setup of solder joint inspection parameters. Utilizing production recording, optimum thresholds are identified to segregate good and bad solder joints in order to avoid false calls and false accepts.

With the ongoing objective to carry out most of the programming offline, Vision2009 is equipped with a Library Live Update function. This function allows the incorporation of library changes during production with no impact on cycle time.

With Vision2009, there is no compromise between ease of use and inspection quality. Using tools like LibraryPro and the latest enhancements, the program can catch the maximum number of defects with the minimum number of false calls.

"Kaleido", the company's latest innovative program, is an enhanced imaging technology for solder joint display and provides a color view to facilitate diagnosing defects.

Vision2009 is based on the company's modular software platform and accommodates all AOI application options including: 2D Post Print, Mixed Mode, Pre Reflow, Post Reflow, Post Wave, backplane inspection, OCV and OCR. The suite also encompasses full offline programming capability, an optimization tool, centralized common database, cross platform program transportability, review/repair station, and data mining system.

Contact: Vi Technology, 903 N. Bowser, Suite 202, Richardson, TX 75081 972-235-1170 fax: 972-235-1171 Web:

See at APEX Booth #1948.

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