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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Closed-Loop Stencil Cleaners from Smart Sonic
Closed-loop cleaning system.
Canoga Park, CA — Smart Sonic is introducing the EnviroGuard 100 percent Closed-loop Stencil Cleaner — described as the first and only aqueous stencil cleaner that can clean all types of solder paste with a 100 percent closed-loop process — wash and rinse.

The company matched the special properties of its 440-R® SMT Detergent to a specifically designed filtration/UV system that facilitates 100 percent closed-looping and zero VOCs of both the wash and rinse solutions. Normal operation requires the filters to be changed only quarterly at a cost of approximately $300 per maintenance cycle. The liquid hazardous waste never exits the system.

According to the company, 99 percent of the waste solder paste from stencils and misprinted PCBs is captured for easy recycling. The remaining 1 percent is removed by the EnviroGuard filtration system for a completely contained and environmentally benign cleaning process. Users simply return the spent filters to Smart Sonic for regeneration and reuse.

Like a wastewater evaporator, the EnviroGuard filtration system is "zero discharge" but at a fraction of the cost of other systems, has no venting requirements, is much easier to ; all water is reused rather than released to atmosphere as vapor.

Its 100 percent Closed-loop Filtration system is available on all of the company's Stencil Cleaners and will eliminate the need for a wastewater evaporator.

Prior to EnviroGuard, aqueous stencil cleaner systems that claimed to be closed-loop, could only clean water-washable solder pastes or only recycle the rinse water. The chemical additives necessary to clean no-clean, RMA and other non water-washable solder pastes required periodic changing due to chemical exhaustion or premature filter loading. This resulted in large amounts of liquid hazardous waste disposal. The EnviroGuard 100 percent Closed-loop Stencil Cleaner eliminates liquid hazardous waste disposal while significantly reducing chemical consumption.

Contact: Smart Sonic Corp., 6724 Eton Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91303 818-610-7900 fax: 818-909-6109 E-mail: Web:

See at APEX Booth #1771.

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