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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Nitrogen Generating System from Pillarhouse
Nitrogen generating system.
Widford, UK — The PillarGen Nitrogen Generation System from Pillarhouse has been specifically designed to meet the nitrogen supply requirements of the GEM, Jade, Orissa, Orissa MPR and latest Jade Handex and Orissa Synchrodex Systems.

Latest nitrogen generation design technology offers compact size coupled with ultra quiet operating noise output (less than 70dB). This system offers fully integrated communication protocol which is displayed on the selective soldering machine's TFT monitor — oxygen concentration, flow rates, pressure (incoming air/outgoing nitrogen) when operated with the Jade MKII and new generation Jade Handex and Orissa Synchrodex systems.

When used with Jade MKI and Orissa 300/400/600 and MPR systems, this protocol can be accessed from an optional hand control unit. The nitrogen generator's air requirement is 500 liters per minute 6 to 8 bar (87 to 116psi) 12mm input supply; electrical supply required is 100 to 240VAC single phase; output is 40 liters Nitrogen per minute at 50ppm average (99.995 percent); operating noise level: 70dB or less.

A hand control unit offers the ability to monitor flow rates, nitrogen purity, valve status and issue alarm if operating outside of limit, but is not required with Jade MKII, Jade Handex and Orissa Synchrodex systems. Machine dimensions are 813 x 700 x 1000mm high (32 x 27.6 x 39.37-in. high).

Contact: Pillarhouse USA, Inc., 635 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 847-593-9080 fax: 847-593-9084 Web:

See at APEX Booth #2149.

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