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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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ACE Intros N2 Spot Pre-Heat for Selective Soldering
Selective soldering system gets programmable nitrogen pre-heat.
Spokane, WA — ACE Production Technologies has added Nitrogen (N2) Spot Pre-Heating capability to its KISS line of Selective Soldering machines. N2 Spot Pre-Heating joins a group of special application features available for KISS machines, which range from semi-automated to fully automated in-line capable selective soldering production systems.

The nitrogen pre-heater makes it possible to focus and control superheated nitrogen delivery to a very small user-defined area of an electronics assembly to be selectively soldered.

This special N2 feature is appropriate for soldering operations where large area bottom-side or top-side pre-heating are not feasible or options, and in situations where extended pre-heat cycles and/or extended solder dwell times represent a danger to the subject component or adjacent components.

According to the company, it engineered a method to proportionately control a number of critical parameters including ramp-to-temperature, volume of flow, and dwell time, creating a true small-area pre-heat profile. It was reportedly made possible by adding a few necessary, integral controls and programming to the already existing methods of using nitrogen within the system.

Using the new N2 pre-heat controls in conjunction with the nozzle and nitrogen cap design allows the user to program the delivery of the right amount of nitrogen, with the proper profile, through the solder nozzle before the solder can begin to flow.

Contact: ACE Production Technologies, 3010 N. First Street, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 509-924-4898 fax: 509-533-1299 Web:

See at APEX Booth #464.

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