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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Seho: Soldering Systems and Repair Station
GoSelective light soldering system.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — Seho Systems GmbH is showing its latest soldering equipment, starring the new GoSelective light, which is designed for standalone operation or as an inline system to be integrated into a fully automated production line.

During the soldering process, the assembly remains in a fixed position while the various operations — the fluxer unit, the preheating and soldering units each move across the PCB, each working on the solder joint in turn. This is made possible by the various processes being mounted on a highly precise axis system. This design approach allows for flexible processing of assemblies up to 500 x 500mm (19.7 x 19.7-in.) with fully reproducible results each and every time.

The versatile machine offers an extremely high solder quality and maximum flexibility, especially useful for small- and medium-sized production volumes. If throughput requirements increase, the system can be upgraded with an additional coordinated fluxing unit and/or preheating module to reduce cycle times.

According to the company, the high-grade and compact made-in-Germany machine ensures absolutely reproducible soldering results at a small footprint and thus offers an economic alternative to traditional hand soldering processes.

Another soldering option, the GoWave, is a powerful soldering system for mass-soldering applications. The system is well suited for soldering of small- or medium-size batches and also provides an economical solution for universities, schools and laboratories. Equipped with a fluxing module, an efficient and powerful preheater, an innovative soldering area, and a microprocessor control, this system provides the finest soldering technology in its class. The new system has a longer heating tunnel over both the preheat area and the solder pot to promote better energy transfer to the board. The cabinet has been redesigned as one unit, rather than as two separate units. An additional benefit is a new spray flux nozzle with HVLP (high velocity low pressure) technology to control the quantity and spray pattern of the flux.

The new GoWave has a PCS 707 touchscreen controller and USB interface. To make service easier, the service areas for the fluxer and compressed air are now located at the inlet section of the machine. The enhanced system also has a new switch cabinet and updated pump motor, as well as a redesigned exhaust area and conveyor system.

The PowerRepair soldering system is designed for professional de-soldering and soldering of through-hole components to PCBs. The unit also can be used for soldering components.

The system incorporates mini-wave soldering technology, which provides for de-soldering/soldering of components with a high number of pins and with different pin rows (connectors). As an additional benefit, the system provides for de-soldering/soldering of components with high thermal mass (thick pins, multilayer boards etc.), and is compatible with all lead-free solder alloys. The unit's soldering nozzle ensures a high energy transfer rate, even for high-temperature applications. The system also has short repair cycles, even for high-mass components, for low thermal stress for both the PCB and components. All soldering parameters are programmable to ensure a repeatable repair process.

Contact: Seho North America, Inc., 1420 Jamike Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018 859-371-7346 fax: 859-282-6718 E-mail: Web: or

See at APEX Booth #259.

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