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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Zeiss Intros 2nd Gen Imager System
Microscope system and monitor.
Thornwood, NY — Carl Zeiss, Inc. is introducing the second generation of the Axio Imager microscope system for use in a variety of research, clinical and industrial applications. The new microscope system provides clear operation and open interfaces for communication with other systems and networks. In addition, the upgradeability of these systems will enable users to meet future demands.

Special features include its flexibility and an optical system that provides maximum information about the sample in all contrasting techniques — brightfield, darkfield or C-DIC.

The instrument is described as the ideal platform for imaging solutions in digital microscopy, for precise and reproducible results. Four versions are available — from encoded and partly motorized to fully motorized — which individually meet user demands for a microscope system that performs for materials analysis, materials development and quality inspection. The M2m and Z2m versions provide motorized reflected-light beam paths and motorized focus.

The high-performance focus of the Z2m model ensures consistent precision at a step resolution of 10nm even in continuous operation under large loads. Furthermore, this model provides automatic component recognition. The user layout of the TFT display has been completely revised for the motorized versions to guarantee even better operating convenience.

Additional technical improvements include the capability to combine reflected and transmitted light into a combined light, access to the luminous-field and aperture diaphragms in the reflected-light beam path in all microscope stand versions, the exchangeability of the fine drive knob and the fine drive disk, and a newly designed transmitted-light beam path for more homogeneous illumination in transmitted light even with low objective magnifications. The microscope system is primarily tailored to the needs of the metallography, mining and photovoltaic industries, and research institutions in materials sciences and geology. It can be supplemented with the AxioCam camera and the AxioVision software. from Carl Zeiss. The stand is also available in complete application-focused configurations such as: Non-Metallic Inclusions (NMI), Particle Analyzer and LSM 700 systems.

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