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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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OGP Intros Contour Projector with Video
Contour projector with video.
Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) is introducing the new Focus Advance 16-in. Horizontal Contour Projector®, a state-of-the-art optical comparator for the industrial marketplace. The new instrument is a premium benchtop comparator offering numerous technology firsts and innovative features.

Like other members of the Focus product line, the new product incorporates innovative all-LED TruLight illumination, a world-first use in optical comparators. Standard are a high-brightness monochromatic green TruLight LED profile light, and the innovative TruLight Ringlight with its eight white LEDs that can be switched on in six fixed directional patterns for optimal surface illumination. Optional TruLight white LED through-the-lens coaxial surface light provides exceptional direct surface illumination. All TruLight LEDs offer variable intensities, are extremely bright, and provide consistent performance. They are also long-lived, providing years of service, while consuming a fraction of the energy required for tungsten illumination.

The instrument's optics are completely telecentric, yielding upright and reversed images that are crystal-clear and undistorted on its large 16-in. (406mm) diameter viewing screen. A 10x magnification lens is included, and options include 20x, 50x, and 100x mag lenses. Mag lenses are internally mounted with room to store others, and a special Mag ID system automatically scales measurements for mag changes on the included Q-Check® DRO.

Focus Advance mechanics are substantial and rock-solid. A sturdy mineral cast base provides excellent metrological stability and measurement integrity. The standard hardcoat anodized aluminum worktable provides a generous 15 x 6-in. (380 x 150mm) of XY travel, with 18-in. (450mm) extended X travel available. Its ±7.5° of helix motion, with a zero stop, eases thread inspections. A constant working distance at all magnifications means magnification can be changed without moving the part, greatly speeding setups. Manually operated XY motion, with quick release X axis and fine adjustment knobs in X and Y, is standard. An optional motorized worktable with variable speed joystick allows for automatic, programmed operation. Precision XY scale resolution is 1.0µm (0.00004-in.).

The included OGP Q-Check multifunction digital readout offers high contrast dual backlit 2-line LCD displays that show X and Y positions, and measurement results. Q-Check allows selection of units (inch/mm, Cartesian/polar, and decimal degrees/dms); allows setting XY zero, skew alignment, and absolute/incremental datum; measures 12 geometric features; and allows construction from previously measured features. A parallel and serial interface is also included.

The Video Camera Automation package transforms the instrument into a fully functional 2D video measuring system, allowing the operator to take advantage of the video measuring tools and advanced programming options of OGP metrology software, and providing the advantages of video and comparator inspections in a single system. Its five-position, instant change digital zoom simplifies high magnification measurements, without changing the comparator mag lens. eCAD is a new electronic overlay package that allows a CAD model to project a profile tolerance band onto the comparator screen. Using eCAD, profile tolerance bands may be exaggerated and coupled to the part image for manual or semi-automatic inspection, virtually eliminating the need for charts or part overlays. Optional Video Image Capture captures Focus Advance screen images and routes them to an external PC through a USB port.

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