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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Ascentech: GEN3 All-in-One Solder Paste Analyzer
Gen 3's SPA 1000 solder paste tester.
Chester, CT — Ascentech LLC's SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyzer tests to the recently-released SMART Group standard, SG PCT01, "Control of Solder Paste used in Electronic Assembly Process". The new Standard provides, for the first time, a user-friendly test procedure that may be conducted in less than one hour, and is intended to help electronics assemblers to determine the suitability of the solder paste prior to production.

The tests show the actual useful life of the paste, and this will help to reduce waste and reduce environmental impact. The new standardized test is designed to eliminate multiple separate tests that would previously have been performed by separate instruments. According to the company, the quality of a surface mount assembly process is heavily dependent upon the condition of the solder paste. Consequently, there has been a dramatically increased emphasis on process control testing by CEMs and ODMs seeking to improve quality, increase process yields, and significantly reduce inspection and rework.

The SPA 1000 is described as a sophisticated, multi-capable system that provides fast and accurate testing to the new SMART Group standard to help control and manage solder paste in the production process. The test methods employed by the new standard are adaptations of the methods employed by paste manufacturers found in IPC-TM-650, IPC J-STD004/5 and IEC 61189-5. They assess solder paste for slump, spread, wetting, tack, and balling. Gathered data also provides the "Open Time" that the selected paste can provide to the user. This new Standard is readily available from the SMART Group: by quoting document reference SGPCT01.

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