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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Aster & Itochu in Strategic Partnership.
Cesson-Sevigne, France — Aster Technologies and Itochu have formed a strategic partnership that enables Itochu to supply its Takaya flying probe tester customers with Aster's TPQR for the test coverage analysis tool. TPQR for Takaya is a low-cost test coverage analysis tool that allows users to independently compute the test coverage provided by Takaya alone, or combined with other test/inspection equipment.

TPQR is built around the QuadView, next generation viewers for the Electronics Industry. Utilizing this powerful layout and schematic viewer, allows users to visualize coverage at both device and pin level. This software imports the TAKAYA test program, computes the test coverage and generates detailed reports in HTML and MS-EXCEL format that provide precise, detailed and impartial international test coverage metrics, such as PPVS and PCOLA/SOQ.

When the TAKAYA is combined with Boundary-Scan test equipment such as: Acculogic, Asset, Corelis, Flynn, Goepel, JTAG Technologies or XJTAG, the TAKAYA test program is dynamically optimized by removing the redundant test steps. The flying probe test time can be reduced by a factor of 30 percent to 80 percent, significantly increasing the throughput on the production line.

Contact: Aster Technologies, 55 Bis Rue de Rennes - Parc "Le Kliber", F-35510 Cesson-Sevigne, France +33 (0) 299 83 01 01 fax: +33 (0) 299 83 01 00 E-mail: Web: or or

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