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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Seho: Soldering Systems and Repair Station

Kreuzwertheim, Germany — Seho Systems GmbH is showing its latest soldering equipment, starring the new GoSelective light, which is designed for standalone operation or as an inline system to be integrated into a fully automated production line.Read More
ACE Intros N2 Spot Pre-Heat for Selective Soldering

Spokane, WA — ACE Production Technologies has added Nitrogen (N2) Spot Pre-Heating capability to its KISS line of Selective Soldering machines. N2 Spot Pre-Heating joins a group of special application features available for KISS machines, which range from semi-automated to fully ...Read More
Austin American: Combination Cleaner & Tester

Austin, TX — Austin American Technology Corp. has developed what it calls the world's first combination cleaner and cleanliness tester for circuit assemblies. The Mega Ion is a portable closed-loop single-board cleaner with ROSE (resistivity of solvent extract) cleanliness verification testing ...Read More
APE: Hot-Air and Rework Stations

Key Largo, FL — APE is presenting a number of new hot-air rework stations — state-of-the-art additions to the company's line of hot-air stations based on its patented heating design. This design provides a number of solutions for customers that are looking for heat-only stations that do not need ...Read More
Assembleon: Cost-Effective "Smart Solutions"

Veldhoven, Netherlands — Assembleon is showing "Smart Solutions" that include the new cost-effective MC-24X — a versatile extension to the company's end-of-line solutions for high-volume and high-mix production lines. In addition, there is a new all-in-one solution for small and medium batch sizes ...Read More
Asymtek: Conformal Coating with 5th-Axis Tilt and Rotate

Carlsbad, CA — Nordson ASYMTEK is introducing a new fifth-axis tilt and rotate capability for its conformal coating system. The applicator can now tilt 0° and 30° and rotate 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°. While the nozzle is tilted to 30°, the mechanism can be rotated in 90° increments  to direct the fan pattern to the left, right, front or back to coat all four sides of a component.
According to the company, this new mechanism is faster, quieter, and weighs less than the current tilt-and-rotate implementation
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DEK: Sentinel Safeguards & Enhances Productivity

Rolling Meadows, IL — Sentinel from DEK is a productivity-enhancing print verification and process management technology that captures the full board image, analyzes the data and accepts or rejects the print — all in real time. The system also has the capability to manage printing inputs and outputs ...Read More
ERSA: Versatile Selective Soldering Cell

Wertheim, Germany — Ersa's compact selective soldering system, the ECOSELECT 2, is well suited for operation in modular production lines, and it is the optimal solution for small- and medium-scale production where flexibility is paramount.Read More
FlexLink Intros Compact & Intelligent Conveyor Systems

Goteborg, Sweden — FlexLink's X45 is the new, compact conveyor platform which offers easy integration with machines and efficient use of floor space for filling, production and packaging lines. Because of the system's careful design, product handling is gentle and stable, contributing to high product handling is gentle and stable, contributing to high product quality standards and high line efficiency. According to the company, the X45 design offers a long service life, low noise level and easy engineering.
The conveyor system's compact boundary dimensions and the ability to follow curves provide new
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Goepel Intros JTAG Access Cable Interface Module

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced BAC 9305-RS422/485 Bus Access Cables (BAC) as a new member of the company's JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform SCANFLEX®.Read More
Multicore: Halogen-Free Solder Paste

Irvine, CA — Multicore® HF108 is a lead-free, halogen-free solder paste that combines all of the benefits of robust lead-free materials with the advantage of no deliberately added halogen. The material has zero intentionally added halogens and is under the limit of detection in the rigorous ...Read More
HumiSeal Produces Interactive Conformal Coating CD-ROM

Camberley, UK — HumiSeal has launched the world's first interactive CD-ROM dedicated to conformal coating. Working as part of a collaboration of companies (Gen3 Systems and SCH Technologies) and industry expert, Bob Willis, the CD-ROM provides a simple guide to the use of coatings, their application processes, product benefits, inspection and quality control.
The use of conformal coatings has provided many benefits to the industry for a number of years, both in the high reliability market sector or where products have to deal with extreme environmental conditions. In recent years, due 
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JTAG Technologies: New Approaches to Boundary-Scan

Eindhoven, Netherlands — JTAG Technologies is introducing a new approach to supplying tools for debugging boards with a mix of free and paid-for products targeted at different aspects of the debugging process. Read More
Manncorp: Budget-Priced SMT Equipment

Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp is showcasing its best sellers from each of three major equipment categories: the dual-head MC-385 pick-and-place, the T200A budget-priced lead-free batch reflow oven, and the RW-400 split-vision rework station.Read More
Mirtec Adds 15MP Vision to AOI

Oxford, CT — Mirtec Corp. is showing its complete line of AOI and SPI systems, including the latest advances to its inspection systems. Front-runner is the company's new 15 Megapixel ISIS Vision System. According to the company, this is still in prototype development, but it is believed that this ...Read More
Mydata: Jet Printer Offers Versatility

Bromma, Sweden — Mydata's Jet Printer MY500 uses what the company calls a revolutionary new technology for solder paste application, shooting solder paste on the fly without actually touching the PCB.Read More
Nordson EFD: New Solder Paste Glows Under UV

Providence, RI — Nordson EFD's new Solder Plus® UV is a UV-fluorescent solder paste that enables pre- and post-reflow detection of solder deposits on automated production lines with cost-effective standard vision systems. Typical uses include consumer electronics, automotive and medical device applications.
It is very difficult to detect solder paste deposits and verify proper reflow with conventional vision systems and inspection software. By exciting Solder Plus UV paste with a UV light source causes it to emit a fluorescence that is easily detected with
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Nitrogen Generating System from Pillarhouse

Widford, UK — The PillarGen Nitrogen Generation System from Pillarhouse has been specifically designed to meet the nitrogen supply requirements of the GEM, Jade, Orissa, Orissa MPR and latest Jade Handex and Orissa Synchrodex Systems.Read More
PVA Unveils Non-Atomized Film Coating Valve

Halfmoon, NY — PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.) is introducing the FC100-CF non-atomized film coating valve for solvent-based chemistries requiring superior edge definition and control. The new valve is suitable for building wet film thicknesses of 0.008-in. (0.2mm) and above while promoting robotic ...Read More
Qualitek Intros Peelable Solder Mask

Addison, IL — Ceasolder-PAL is a temporary, peelable solder mask comprised of a thixotropic, synthetic acrylic latex designed to withstand fluxing, wave soldering and cleaning operations.
According to the company, it is intended for use in applications such as robotic, pneumatic, hand applied or template screening. The film is easy to peel, non-flammable and ammonia-free. It is available...
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