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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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AOI for Ultra-Tiny Components

Smaller and lighter portable products means ultraminiaturization of component packaging found in today's manufacturing processes. This use of miniature components, such as the 01005, can generate significant challenges to the SMT manufacturing process and equipment providers. For automated ...Read More
Flying Prober Automates Production Testing

Flying probe testers have become central to today's medium-to-high-production volumes — mainly because of the flying prober's improved productivity, their flexibility in operation, and the capability of easily testing the most complex and miniaturized PC boards.Read More
Common Challenges in Voltage Switching

Designing an automated test system's switching demands an understanding of the signals to be switched and the test to be performed. For example, the most appropriate switch cards and techniques to use in applications that entail switching voltage signals will depend on the magnitude ...Read More
Cleaning Challenges and the Environment

The removal of contamination encompasses the entire electronics manufacturing floor. Over a decade ago, the emergence of no-clean flux technologies seemingly spelled the end of "precision cleaning." Ironically, exactly the opposite became true. The cleaning market has converted to cleaning ...Read More
Solving In-Line Test Bottlenecks

Meter-maker Itron Inc. provides a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the energy and water industries throughout the world. Itron Inc. consists of Itron in North America and Actaris outside of North America.Read More
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