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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Ascentech: GEN3 All-in-One Solder Paste Analyzer

Chester, CT — Ascentech LLC's SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyzer tests to the recently-released SMART Group standard, SG PCT01, "Control of Solder Paste used in Electronic Assembly Process". The new Standard provides, for the first time, a user-friendly test procedure that may be conducted in less than one hour, and is intended to help electronics assemblers to determine the suitability of the solder paste prior to production. The tests...
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Electrolube Launches New Fast-Dry Conformal Coating

Swadlincote, UK — New from Electrolube is DCA-FD, a modified silicone conformal coating that is touch-dry in 20 minutes. Increased solids content of the material provides 35 percent greater coverage per liter compared to standard DCA, to provide a significant waste and cost saving per substrate. ...Read More
Epoxies: Clear Potting Compound

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc.'s 20-2621 Polyurethane is a crystal-clear electronic grade potting and encapsulating compound that will not yellow in outdoor applications. The polyurethane system is semi-flexible (shore A85) and will not place excess stress on electronic components during thermal cycling.The compound was formulated for applications that require electrical insulation, optimum clarity ...
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Eraser: Magnet & Enamel Wire Stripper

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model DCFV1 Magnet & Enamel Wire Stripper will strip round magnet and enamel wires with any type of film insulation including; Formvar, nylon, polythermaleze and varnish. The unit's handpiece contains its own internal dust collection system which operates when the switch is ...Read More
Fancort: Handheld Ultrasonic Soldering

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort Industries is introducing manual and robotic ultrasonic soldering equipment for soldering hard-to-solder metals and non-metallic substrates like glass, ceramics, steel, silicon, aluminum and metal oxides-all without flux. Dissimilar materials can also be soldered, such  glass to metal. The wetting process takes place in normal atmosphere.
The technology of ultrasonic soldering uses cavitation within the molten solder. This is created by an intensified ultrasonic beam that generates micro vibrations with a brushing effect that results in...
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Fine Silver Conductor Trial Kit from DKN

Haverhill, MA — DKN Research is now offering a Fine Silver Conductor Trial Kit (capable of producing fine lines down to 80 microns) to companies interested in producing high density thick film circuits. The Trial Kit provides a low-cost practical solution for companies to experiment and overcome challenges with fine polymer thick film circuits and functional printable & flexible electronics.
The company has developed a broad range of technologies
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Hakko Intros Smoke Absorber

Valencia, CA — The new Hakko FA-400 desktop smoke absorber has a new kind of design that allows it to be used in three different ways: standing upright, laying flat on the work surface, or attached to an arm stand (not included.) Read More
Magid Intros Banded Hearing Protectors

Chicago, IL — Magid Glove & Safety has added to its growing E2® line of hearing protection solutions with the introduction of the E2 IHB25 Banded Hearing Protector. Delivering superior flexibility in price and performance, the IHB25 offers a select combination of hearing protection, comfort and ...Read More
Miyachi: Advanced Resistance Welding Monitor

Monrovia, CA — Miyachi Unitek's Advanced Data Analysis Monitor (ADAM) represents the latest technology in resistance weld monitoring, offering more of the information needed to support ISO, GMP and TQM requirements. Not only will it monitor what happens during the weld, but also before it is triggered ...Read More
Nordson March Intros 2 New Plasma Systems

Concord, CA — Nordson March has released the AP-600 and AP-300 benchtop plasma cleaning systems. The two new systems are designed as "medium" and "small" versions of the best-in-class "large" AP-1000 plasma system. Based on advanced AP-1000 architecture, the AP-600 and AP-300 plasma systems will ...Read More
OGP Intros Contour Projector with Video

Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) is introducing the new Focus Advance 16-in. Horizontal Contour Projector®, a state-of-the-art optical comparator for the industrial marketplace. The new instrument is a premium benchtop comparator offering numerous technology firsts and ...Read More
Pre-Owned Equipment Vendor AdoptSMT Opens UK Facility

Redhill, Surrey, UK — AdoptSMT, a major European vendor of pre-owned electronic assembly equipment and consulting specialist for the SMT production line, has opened its UK facility. This new office based near Gatwick airport and the M23/25, will provide a broad range of the company's services and products, ...Read More
ProMik: Flash Programming Station

Nuremberg, Germany — ProMik GmbH's cost-effective SAP2000 semi-automatic in-circuit flash programming station is especially suitable for to medium production volumes. Larger volumes can be accommodated with a system expansion by simply adding an expansion chassis. The tandem system supports flashing ...Read More
Schunk Adds Electro-Permanent Magnetic Clamping

Morrisville, NC — Schunk Inc. is adding several new lines of magnetic clamping to its workholding product range. The new lines include a complete line of permanent and electro-permanent grinding and EDM magnets, bipolar magnets for holding round bars to cut Key-Ways and Whip Stocks and Radial magnets ...Read More
Shin-Etsu Silicones Protect Photovoltaics

Akron, OH — Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) has introduced a diverse line of advanced performance, silicone-based products specifically designed for applications in the manufacture of energy harvesting solar photovoltaics. Read More
Xuron: Fine Wire Cutter & Pliers

Saco, ME — Now available from Xuron Corp., a precision pair of wire cutters and pliers for grasping and tip-cutting soft lead wires in electronics production, assembly and rework is also a welcome addition to the technician's toolkit.
The Xuron® 170-II Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter and Model 450S Pliers are especially suitable for working with wire from under 1 mil thick up to 18 Gauge and have a glare-eliminating black finish, Light-Touch return springs, and Xuro-Rubber cushioned hand grips. The cutter has "pointed tips" for...
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Zeiss Intros 2nd Gen Imager System

Thornwood, NY — Carl Zeiss, Inc. is introducing the second generation of the Axio Imager microscope system for use in a variety of research, clinical and industrial applications. The new microscope system provides clear operation and open interfaces for communication with other systems and networks ...Read More
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