Friday, June 22, 2018
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Narda: Mini Variable Attenuator

Hauppauge, NY — Narda, an L-3 Communications company, has introduced its Model 4797 miniature variable attenuator that provides attenuation of 0 to 45dB, has low insertion loss, and operates over an extended temperature range.
The attenuator measures only 2.64 x 3.25 x 1-in. (67 x 82.5 x 25.4mm), weighs only 12 oz. (340.2gm), and handles 10W ...

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NK Intros DC Current Transducer

San Jose, CA, — NK Technologies adds a bi-directional DC transducer to its line of DC sensors. The new model of DT Current Transducers produces a positive voltage signal that is proportional to the DC current flowing in the primary direction and a negative voltage proportional to the DC current ...

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Phaseda Intros Twin Rocker Switch

Beaverton, OR — Phaseda LLC has introduced its new twin rocker switch series, the RL2-5. The new switch has UL, cUL and VDE approvals, and is fully compliant with RoHS requirements. UL rating is 16A 125VAC and VDE rating is 16(4)A 250VAC.
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CIT: Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

Minneapolis, MN — The versatile JC Series is a high quality switch offering a variety illuminated package styles to fit nearly any design requirement. With bi-colored LED combinations in blue, green, red, yellow and white, the switches offer an internal snap- action mechanism providing long lasting ...
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Fairchild Load Switches Simplify Complex Power Designs

San Jose, CA — Fairchild Semiconductor's FPF1038/FPF1039 advanced load management switches provide a monolithic, one-chip solution to the designers' challenge of reducing in-rush current, or high di/dt, when a switch is used to disconnect loads with high (>100µF) output capacitances.
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NKK Intros Mini Illuminated Pushbuttons

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has introduced the LP01 Series of short body, illuminated and non-illuminated, tamper-resistant pushbutton switches. The product's minimal behind-panel depth makes it suitable for designs where space is at a premium.
The RoHS-compliant LP01 Series has a short body behind panel depth of just 14.0mm. In addition, the cap diameter is 13.6mm, making the overall diameter including the housing just 20mm ...

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CIT: Bi-Color LED Pushbutton Switch

Minneapolis, MN — The CL1200 Series of bi-color LED pushbutton switches from CIT Relay & Switch, is offering thru-hole, right-angle and surface mount terminal options with a choice of round and square cap styles, both of which are available with and without LED hole and complementary optional frames ...
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New Solid-State Relays from Weidmuller

Richmond, VA — Weidmuller is expanding the innovative Microopto family of opto-couplers or solid-state relays with 4 new versions. These new optocouplers are specially designed for applications that include switching and amplifying actuators, signal inversion and converting TTL signals. With extremely ...
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Accurate, Compact Limit Switches from Baumer

Southington, CT — For critical industrial positioning applications, Baumer My-Com Mechanical Limit Switches deliver precise, repeatable, consistent results over millions of switching operations. Offering 1µ repeat accuracy, these precision contact switches are designed for setting reference points ...
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Honeywell Releases Wireless Monitoring Switches

Minneapolis, MN — Honeywell is introducing a new series of wireless limit switches that combine great flexibility with proven harsh-duty packaging to increase efficiencies and improve safety for machines, equipment, OEMs, and operators. The new Limitless Series of switches and monitors offers ...
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MTS Improves Sensor Vibration Tolerance

Cary, NC — MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has further improved the design of its Temposonics linear-position sensors to increase the sensors' longevity in high-vibration applications. The High Vibration Resistance option (HVR) increases the vibration tolerance from 15g to 30g (10 to 2000Hz) ...
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E-Switch: Water-Resistant Anti-Vandal Switch

Minneapolis, MN — E-Switch is introducing the PV7 series, a water-resistant anti-vandal switch. With a rating of 2 amps at 48VDC, it comes illuminated in red, yellow, orange, blue, green or white. Both ring and dot illumination options are available. Made of stainless steel and nickel-plated brass ...
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GardTec: Green Fan Cord with Thermostat

Racine, WI — GardTec's Green Fan Cord is described as the industry's only AC fan cord that is thermostatically controlled. This Patent Pending product is designed to simply replace the current fan cord; no additional wiring, circuit boards, controls boxes, or design changes are required. The cord ...
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HSI Intros Liquid Level Sensors

Chickasha, OK — HSI Sensing has unveiled its new series of liquid level sensors, also known as float sensors or fluid level sensors. The new PRX+1660 series represents a new product line for the company, which enables it to address the need for reliable, robust, and reasonably priced sensors for ...
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Honeywell Intros New Thermal Management Materials

Morris Township, NJ — Honeywell Electronic Materials has introduced a new printable thermal management material designed to help manage the tremendous heat produced by increasingly powerful semiconductors in portable computing devices such as laptops and netbooks.
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CIT Intros Latching RT Pushbuttons

Minneapolis, MN — The RT Series switch product offered by CIT Relay & Switch offers latching or momentary switch function. The product offers soft, silent actuation. This versatile illuminated pushbutton switch offers six choices of single LED colors plus six dual LED color choices including blue ...
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Hermetic Switch Intros 2 Proximity Sensors

Chickasha, OK — Hermetic Switch, Inc. has introduced two new cylindrical (tubular) proximity sensors. The new products are the PRX+3800 (Form B) and PRX+3900 (Form C) magnetic sensors, which reportedly deliver all the advantages of reed switch sensing technology but with smaller physical dimensions ...
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J-Works: USB Relay & Digital Module

Granada Hills, CA — J-Works. Inc. has introduced the JSB342 series of USB controlled modules with two or four 8-Amp SPDT relays and 4 opto-isolated digital inputs. Each relay is rated for 8 Amps at 240VAC or 30VDC. The optically isolated inputs are for connection to user devices such as sensors or ...
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New Slide Switch from Duraswitch

Frankenmuth, MI — Duraswitch® has added a slide switch to its line of long-life, flat panel switches. As with all of the company's products, the new slide switch is based on a patented, magnetic-based design that results in a robust, highly customizable user interface solution.
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Electroswitch: Time Delay Control Switch

Weymouth, MA — A new time delay control switch relay (TD-CSR) has been introduced by Electroswitch. The new TD-CSR provides a safe and effective means for local control to mitigate the arc flash danger in circuit breaker operation. It provides for a manually initiated time-delay trip or close operation ...
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