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Columbia Intros Sensor to Measure Curved Strain
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Woodlyn, PA — Columbia Research Laboratories has introduced a new sensor designed to accurately measure strain on curved mounting surfaces. Series DT3747 sensors are customized to measure circumferential strain around the diameter of the surface to which it is mounted. Providing the same accuracy ...
Radiall Adds New 50GHz Switch
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Chandler, AZ — Radiall USA, Inc. has expanded its RAMSES R570 Coaxial Relay Series with a new 50GHz SPDT switch that has three 2.4mm connectors. Designed for the instrumentation market, the new Switch is designed for precision requirements in test and measurement applications where high frequency and excellent ...
Schurter Intros Switch with Undervoltage Release
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Santa Rosa, CA — Schurter has introduced a new 2-Pole appliance switch with built-in undervoltage trip release. The new series, dubbed UP1, prevents uncontrolled restarts by monitoring and tripping under conditions of extreme voltage drop, or when the supply voltage is interrupted.
Selco Intros Digital Temp Controller
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Reno, NV — Selco Products Company has introduced the second-generation 2699B Electronic Temperature Controller which is described as offering a highly flexible temperature control solution in a compact, easy-to-install enclosure (75 x 33 x 70mm).
WAGO: JUMPFLEX Interface Adapter
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Germantown, WI — WAGO Corporation's new Interface Adapter provides JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners and Relays with a tool-free interface to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM or other PLC interfaces. Interface Adapters capture analog/digital signals for eight combined JUMPFLEX modules — suitable for machines ...
Bentek Solar Launches New Solar Products
Publication Date: 5/3/2011

San Jose, CA — Bentek Solar is introducing several new members of an extended family of solar products to accommodate both 600VDC and the growing 1000VDC marketplace.
MTS Expands Linear-Position Sensor Versatility
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

Cary, NC — MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has further expanded its already-extensive range of available interfaces by developing an R-Series sensor compatible with EtherNet/IP devices, available soon for industrial markets.
TDK-EPC: Capacitor Contactors
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

Iselin, NJ — TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK Corporation, has developed a new capacitor contactor for switching powers of 80kVAR. It supplements the previous series for powers of 12.5, 20, 25, 33, 50, 75 and 100kVAR, enabling more cost-effective PFC solutions to be implemented in specific configurations ...
Hi-Temp Proximity Sensors from ASI
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

Mechanicsburg, PA — Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is introducing 50mm sensors to a complete line of high temperature inductive proximity sensors. The ASI high-temperature sensors are available in stainless steel housings for high temperature applications of 250°C (482°F).
Meggitt Launches Free-Field Mike & Preamp
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

San Juan Capistrano, CA — Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco® model EM46AE, a combined 1/2-in. free-field pressure microphone and iTEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) enabled preamplifier (per IEEE 1451.4) set, designed for general purpose and larger channel ...
APEM Hall Effect Switches for Rugged and Harsh Uses
Publication Date: 3/18/2011

Haverhill, MA — APEM has introduced two new Hall effect switches, designed to work in the most rugged and harsh environments. The new IH series of switches are low maintenance, contactless, sealed pushbuttons that come in two versions: linear proportional output, and momentary switch.
CIT: 10-Amp Low Cost Relay
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Minneapolis, MN — The new 10-Amp CIT J107E1 series relay is available with 12 or 24V coil. The rugged J107E1 is low in cost and offers a very appealing lead time of six to eight weeks. Small in size and robust, this high performance relay is cUL listed and RoHS-compliant.
Electro-Sensors Temp Sensors Get Conduit Adapters
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Minnetonka, MN — FM-approved temperature sensors from Electro-Sensors, Inc. now include a built-in conduit adapter and grease-fitting (zerk) tap. TT420-LT (Liquid Tight) temperature sensors combine a sensor, signal conditioner and loop-powered 4-20mA transmitter into a rugged and compact package ...
Epson Toyocom: Wide Range Gyro-Sensor
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

El Segundo, CA — Epson Toyocom Corporation's U.S.-based Timing Products Division has launched volume production of its newest high-sensitivity gyro-sensor. The critically enhanced XV-3700CB is the industry's first to combine a high-sensitivity gyro-sensor with a wide detection range that has been ...
MTS Re-Designs Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Cary, NC — MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has re-designed the Temposonics® E-Series of linear-position sensors, which offers efficient and effective position measurement specifically for cost-sensitive applications.
NKK Intros Power Rated Rotary Switch
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has introduced the HS16 Series of standard size rotary switches, which offers engineers the versatility of multiple-pole configurations.
New JHT Mini Joystick from Peerless
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Carpentersville, IL — OTTO Controls has released the newest addition to its line of Hall Effect joysticks, the JHT-00004, through its distributor, Peerless Electronics, Inc.
Phoenix Contact: WirelessHART Gateway
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact's new WirelessHART® gateway incorporates an integrated 802.11b/g WLAN transceiver. According to the company, the rail-mount gateway can increase the reliability and flexibility of an existing HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) network.
Dialight Expands Rugged LED Series
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Farmingdale NJ — Dialight has partnered with Peerless Electronics to offer a flat and domed version of the successful 657 series panel-mount indicator. The new indicators provide a fully-sealed and potted design, making them impervious to dust and water intrusion and are in compliance with IP67/NEMA ...
Marsh Bellofram Intros Relay/Duplex Controller
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Newell, WV — The ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has introduced the ARM Series, a family of rugged, high-reliability alternating relays and duplex controllers, designed to ensure equal runtime of multiple load installations in pump sequencing, level control, lift ...
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