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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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German Fuel Cells Charge RV Batteries
Brunnthal, Germany and Middlebury, IN — Fuel cells may be coming to your recreational vehicle soon. Fuel cell battery backup was demonstrated by US RV maker Jayco at the recent 47th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY, using a fuel cell from German manufacturer SFC Smart Fuel Cell.

The two companies have established a joint research and marketing alliance to study the feasibility of fuel cell technology in North American recreational vehicles. In the past months, Jayco has tested the EFOY product series for a new lightweight, low energy consumption series of RVs. The EFOY fuel cell series, consisting of three models with a charging capacity of 900 to 2,200 watt hours each per day, depending on individual power requirements, can provide 24/7 power availability in any season and weather. There are currently 48 European manufacturers who offer EFOY in their catalogs, and over 15,000 of these units have been sold.

This project is targeted at providing US RV users with lightweight, noise-free and emission-free power generation for off-grid use. The EFOY fuel cell is connected directly to the on-board house batteries, which run lights, appliances, and electronic equipment. Ordinarily, these batteries are charged by hooking to a power grid, or when off the grid, by a generator or solar panels. In operation the fuel cell continuously monitors the battery charge state. Once this drops below a predefined level, the fuel cell will automatically start up and recharge the battery. When the battery is full, the fuel cell system will automatically return to stand-by mode. The fuel cell produces off-grid power reliably without requiring maintenance or user intervention and is powered by methanol liquid fuel which comes in safe 5 and 10 liter (1.3 and 2.6 gallons) cartridges. An EFOY M10 cartridge with 10 liter (2.6 gallons) fuel contains 11.1 kilowatt hours of power.

Waste products from the EFOY fuel cell are water vapor and carbon dioxide in amounts reportedly equivalent to the exhaled breath of a child.

Contact: SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG, Eugen-Saenger-Ring 4, D-85649 Brunnthal, +49 89 673 592-377 fax: +49 89 673 592-169 Web:

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