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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Pickering Intros PXI Battery Simulator
Clacton on Sea, UK — Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of customer-focused PXI instrumentation modules with the introduction of the 41-752 Battery Simulator. The new product is an addition to the company's family of battery simulators, which have been available for almost 4 years.

Developed in association with DMC, a systems integrator based in Chicago, the 41-752 is a 6-cell battery simulator that provides up to 300mA of current from each cell. The output voltage from each cell is fully adjustable up to 7V and each cell includes its own sense lines to improve regulation performance. Each cell can be configured to operate as a current sink in a battery charging circuit of up to 100mA.

Cells and modules can be series-connected to emulate the battery stacks being used in new generation electric vehicles. More than 100 cells can stacked in series in a single PXI or Modular LXI chassis to allow the testing of battery management charging systems. The independently controlled channels allow the cells to be set to different output voltages to simulate different charge and capacity states. A safety interlock system can be used to ensure that voltage generation is inhibited when the cables are disconnected from the front panel.

Outputs are made available on high voltage D-Type connectors permitting the generation of voltages of up to 750V.

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