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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Servo Press from Kistler
Servo press.
Amherst, NY — New Servo Press NCFH Type 2151B enhances Kistler's offering of particularly compact and high-precision system solutions for a wide range of press-fitting and servo press tasks with integral force displacement monitoring. This series has now been enhanced with a new joining module with a 15kN nominal joining force. The smaller size 1 electromechanical NC joining modules NCFH Type 2151B are therefore now available with nominal joining forces of 10 and 15kN and in various measuring range combinations from 1 to 15kN. Size 2 covers joining forces of 30 and 60kN and measuring range combinations of 15, 30 and 60kN.

The two new types differ from the established 10kN version by a strengthened construction on the same compact space. With the piezoelectric force sensor, there is a choice of a second measuring range of 5kN (Type 2151B15052001) or 2kN (Type 2151B15022001). The NC servo presses are mechanically and electrically compatible with the existing sizes. With a height of 475mm, they offer a 200mm stroke, which allows them to reach even deep end points. The high velocity of up to 300mm/s enables a quick return stroke and a short machine cycle. Standard availability of both tensile and compression forces leaves considerable machine design freedom. The standard holding brake allows the use of particularly heavy tools and prevents the ram from dropping when the module is switched off. The NC Compact Firmware Type 2159A —, which is integrated into the servo controller, is perfect for simple force displacement evaluation and documentation of standard joining processes. With extremely low investment and installation costs, it facilitates integration into the customer's existing control environment.

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