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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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OGP Intros eCAD Electronic Overlay Package
Electronic overlay comparator.
Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) is introducing eCAD a new electronic overlay package consisting of software and internal comparator hardware that allows a CAD model to be used to project a profile tolerance band onto the comparator screen. The software runs on a standard Windows PC, and the comparator utilizes custom-designed optics to produce the digital image that is projected onto the screen. The PC may be networked to download CAD files from a server, and secured to control and protect the original CAD files.

The operator typically lines up the eCAD-projected image with the part image on the comparator screen. Then, eCAD incorporates multiple tolerance zones as defined by the CAD file to indicate whether the actual part is in- or out-of-tolerance through the use of different projected color bands. The various color bands are user-definable and customizable.

The eCAD projected image may be coupled to the part screen image so that when the operator moves the worktable, the projected CAD image follows the screen image. This allows the operator to inspect critical segments of the part and determine if they are within tolerance. To get a closer look, the operator may change magnification at any point, and the projected eCAD image will automatically update and track the mag change.

Traditional comparator overlay templates can be easily lost, damaged, and/or outdated, and they also pose a storage problem in terms of safety, organization, and space. In addition, overlay templates often must be certified or recertified, and there is a time and money cost associated with repeatedly creating new overlay templates from the original CAD files. eCAD has the potential to virtually eliminate all of these problems by doing away with the need to maintain physical overlay templates, for any purposes whatsoever. eCAD finally brings optical comparators into the digital age, a major step forward in measurement technology and application.

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See at Pacific Design/MDM West Booth #3135.

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