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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Nikon Metrology Unveils QA X-Ray System
X-ray inspection system.
Leuven, Belgium — Nikon Metronics is introducing the compact yet versatile XT V 130 X-ray inspection system that efficiently traces failures inside complex electronic devices and multilayer circuit boards. It is a compact and affordable X-ray system for automated QA on serial-produced electronic samples.

Hidden electronic defects can be detected efficiently early in the manufacturing process by taking an in-depth look at the inside of electronic specimens. Designed for high-throughput electronics X-ray inspection, the XT V 130 is a QA workhorse that allows operators to provide instant pass/fail status. Automated inspection functions and (optional) automatic board identification ensure high inspection throughput rates.

The system comes with a 30-130kV open micro-focus X-ray source, a 4-axis programmable manipulator and a 16-bit imaging system based on a 4-in. image intensifier. A focal spot size down to 3µ, 320x geometric magnification, and tilt angle up to 60° offer excellent image quality and flexibility. A rotating stage and CT capability are available as options. A hinged door provides easy access to the inspection area, which accommodates samples up to 40 x 35cm (16 x 14-in.).

Using qualitative real-time X-ray capabilities, operators intuitively navigate through the layers of a PCB or inside electronic devices, by changing position, angle, and zoom as desired, using the joystick. The XT V 130 system is especially suited to quickly tracing material inconsistencies, connectivity issues, incomplete through-layer vias and other failures.

The system's intuitive operation is controlled by Inspect-X, the powerful proprietary software used on all of the company's XT systems. The software reportedly provides powerful X-ray image processing and analysis as well as a broad set of automation capabilities. Developed to streamline the inspection process with ultrafast X-ray acquisition, the XT V 130 runs first-article inspection in minutes, instead of hours or days.

Contact: Nikon Metrology, Inc., 12701 Grand River, Brighton, MI 48116 810-220-4360 E-mail: Web:

See at Pacific Design/MDM West Booth #4346.

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