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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Henkel Extends Die Attach Solder Paste Product Line
Die-attach solder paste.
Irvine, CA — Henkel has introduced Multicore DA101 die-attach solder paste, its newest formulation which delivers many of the well-known benefits of DA100, but has been designed for screen print operations, thus offering flexibility for varying process requirements.

Both DA100 and DA101 provide the thermal management necessary for today's smaller outline, higher functioning semiconductor power devices, while also delivering the processability and versatility associated with solder paste materials.

These products offer robust options for application-specific thermal requirements and overcome many of the issues historically associated with alternative products such as silver-based die attach adhesives and solder wire, neither of which is ideal for today's semiconductor power device production.

The new solder paste incorporates a no-clean, ROLO flux system that can be used for both high-lead applications and lead-free processes as well. Using specific high temperature Pb-free alloys to offer the same thermal control necessary for today's rectifiers, power transistors, amplifiers, and many other consumer and automotive components, dispensable DA100 flux effectively complies with the environmental goal of lead elimination in power packages by 2013, as stipulated by RoHS legislation.

Furthermore, packaging specialists who wish to use high-lead solders today, can easily move to lead-free solders tomorrow, while utilizing the same flux system. Formulated for printing processes, DA101 is a flux system that can not only handle reflow with high-lead alloys, but with lead-free based alloys as well. The robust nature of the flux formula provides the flexibility to alter alloys based on process requirements. With the various alloy ranges, DA101 can withstand temperatures of 300 to 330°C for high-lead reflow profiles and tolerates lead-free temperatures between 240 and 270°C. While DA100 and DA101 address different application needs, both products effectively replace older-generation power device die attach materials.

Other advantages are wetting adaptability and void reduction capabilities. Both die attach solder pastes are adaptable materials that deliver excellent wetting ability to a variety of surfaces.
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