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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Aerotech: Camera Pan/Tilt System
Pan/tilt camera mounting platform.
Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech Pan and Tilt (APT) systems are designed to meet the most demanding positioning requirements. The APT series expands the company's product line to meet the needs of the security, defense, and surveillance markets worldwide.

The new high-precision pan and tilt mounts combine proven high-precision mechanics with cutting-edge control technology in a single, unified package. The drive mechanism includes a special gear preloading feature that self-adjusts for the effects of wear and temperature variation, resulting in no degradation in positioning performance over the life of the product. A built-in Aerotech Ensemble controller responds to motion commands through an Ethernet connection, or it can be programmed to operate in a stand-alone configuration.

APT performance specifications include continuous 360° pan with a maximum speed of 180°/second, tilt range of ±95° with a maximum speed of 180°/second, position resolution of 7.6 arc seconds, and position accuracy of 120 arc seconds. The 35 kg payload allows mounting of a variety of different cameras.

An integrated slip-ring carries camera connections to the base of the unit. Continuous pan rotation with limited-travel tilt is standard. Options are available to meet a wide range of camera mounting, signal feed-through, and termination requirements. An inertial stabilization option is available that integrates gyroscopes and inertial sensors to actively maintain the line-of-sight when operated on aircraft, ships, and land vehicles.

Contact: Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238 412-963-7470 fax: 412-963-7459 Web:

See at Pacific Design/MDM West Booth #2964.

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