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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Fastest SMT Laser Marking System from Muhlbauer
Laser marking system.
Ehingen/Danube, Germany — The Muhlbauer WL 700 LCS is a fully automatic inline solution for marking circuit boards of a maximum size of 460 x 460mm (minimum 80 x 50mm). The compact design of the machine provides it with a footprint of 1.4m2 (15.1-ft.2), which means optimum access and safety at the same time. Integrated in a complete SMT line, the WL 700 LCS can optionally be used in marking mode or throughput mode.

The marking system uses a CO2 laser in a solid, completely closed steel structure. Based on a newly developed transport system, the laser can mark up to the border area or can mark the complete area of the circuit board, depending on how the system is adjusted. The codes are applied on the circuit boards by deflecting the laser beam and at the same time they are counterchecked by a camera system integrated into the course of the beam.

The system can simultaneously mark the boards from the top and from the bottom if a second laser is installed — providing the system with maximum productivity.

Machine operators benefit from the system's intuitive software; an image of the circuit board is displayed for an easy manual input. New marking programs and layouts can be created easily, quickly and in any quantity. A code generator makes the WL 700 LCS highly flexible. In addition, the system can be integrated into an existing data network.

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