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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Viscom Intros Hi-Performance AOI
High-performance AOI system.
Hanover, Germany — Viscom has unveiled the newest version of the S3088 system AOI family — optimized for fast, highly accurate solder joint inspection. Inspectable printed circuit board dimensions have been significantly enlarged and the camera technology further improved. The system is delivered with the latest software release, containing even more helpful new functions for inspection operation.

The company's new AOI system is deliberately focused on economical electronic assembly inspection — from prototypes to large production runs. In addition to its highly accurate and fast solder joint inspection, the S3088-III can also be deployed for paste print or placement inspection. Positional accuracy has been further improved, so that even the smallest defects on 01005 components are detected in high resolution mode with precise reliability. The improved PCB transport now allows larger boards to be inspected, up to 508 x 508mm (20 x 20-in.). The system can also be optimally equipped for extreme cycle time requirements or for heavier PCBs. The scope of the color evaluation has also been widened; now Viscom is one of the few suppliers to offer color evaluation for angled inspections as well. This improves visualization of the inspection results, both on the system as well as at the repair station. Extended lifted lead detection, a new innovative function, reduces false alarms caused by poorly stamped edges. The system reportedly offers the highest defect coverage, with a minimal false alarm rate. The system also comes equipped with the company's familiar software modules, such as switchable resolution with the OnDemandHR function or Integrated Verification for automatic inspection program optimization.

The AOI system can be used as an inspection island or deployed in the production process. This makes it easy for small electronics services providers as well as large EMS companies to establish and document IPC-compliant electronic assembly production.

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