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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Marantz: New Solder Paste Inspection Technology
AOI system inspects paste printing.
Eindhoven, Netherlands — Marantz Business Electronics has unveiled a new technology for Solder Print Inspection (SPI) that measurably outperforms all previous approaches. The Marantz PowerSpector S1 SPI system.

The new product uses a special new "5D" technology that delivers true area, shape, offset, volume and height measurement together and complete for the first time. PowerSpector S1's high speed post-print solder paste inspection process incorporates patented new sensor technology and simultaneously combines 3D and 2D image processing methodologies that deliver defect detection beyond that previously possible.

The PowerSpector S1 is the latest addition to the company's line-up of flexible AOI equipment known for fast set-up times and low false calls, including the iSpector 350mm and 650mm configurations. Powerfully complementing iSpector is the company's four-dimensional AOI process control system. The Catch System software suite networks multiple AOI machines into a completely closed-loop process monitoring and quality control system uniquely optimized for each user's workflow and internal organization.

Working in cooperation with Nutek, the company also offers cost-effective automated PCB handling for both new and existing iSpector models. The Marantz Inspection Island is flexibly designed to serve multiple lines and eliminates the need for operators to load and unload PCBs. Fully compatible with the Catch Process Control System, the island also eliminates the need for operators to classify inspection results on the machine since the repair and traceability software allows post-processing of defects. In addition, users can choose classification on the fly through manual intervention.

Contact: Marantz Business Electronics Europe, Beemdstraat 11, 5653 MA Eindhoven, Netherlands +31 40 2507870 fax: +31 40 2507840 E-mail: Web:

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