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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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ERSA: Compact Solder Fume Extraction
Fume extraction system connects to soldering station.
Wertheim, Germany — The filter unit ERSA Easy Arm Extraction EA 55 i is a compact and powerful system to efficiently clean soldering process air at the workbench. The system can be used with either the i-CON1 C or i-CON2 C soldering stations, connected with an interface cable.

The extraction unit can be operated in continuous mode, or, with an i-CON connected, it will work only while the attached soldering station is in operation, stopping as soon as the soldering station goes into standby mode. This has the benefit of increased filter life, while significantly reducing energy costs and operational noise levels.

The EA 55 i can be easily installed and the flexible extraction arm bends into the desired position. A very low operating noise level and robust metallic case allow the system to be used in basically all industrial surroundings from testing floor and laboratories to electronic production.

The solder fume filtration has three stages: a pre-filter captures the large particles, then the HEPA particulate filter removes all the remaining hazardous particles. Finally the activated carbon gas filter adsorbs any harmful gas molecules. The powerful blower guarantees an adequate airflow throughout the filter life. An optical alarm warns when a filter change is needed.

The filtration system not only sucks in harmful gases efficiently, but also cleans the dirty process air at the same time. Consequently the new extraction system is not only cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly.

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