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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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DKN Research: Fine Silver Trace Technology
Fine line screen-printed traces.
Haverhill, MA — DKN Research can now provide a fine thick film circuit technology down to 50µ line/space. This is possible through an advanced screen-printing process using special silver inks and related materials that include substrates and insulating materials as the fundamental technology for Printable Electronics.

Polymer thick film circuits were always considered an economical solution, but performance levels from the printed circuit technology were sub-par due to poor resolution and electrical conductivity. Traditional thick film circuits were intended for typical low-end items such as keyboard membrane switches and touch panels on microwaves. Technical advances with ink materials and printing equipment over the last few years have trickled down, and the wiring capabilities from the new thick film circuits are closer to traditional etched copper circuits.

The company's advanced screen-printing technology and can build functional thick film circuits by partnering with equipment and material manufacturers. The technology can produce fine silver traces down to 30µ lines and spaces for double and multilayer circuits with 80µ via holes. The conductivity of the new silver traces is one order higher when compared to traditional thick film circuits. Surprisingly, the conductor traces are available for soldering, unlike traditional polymer thick film circuits where soldering is impossible.

In addition, the company's technology makes it possible to build embedded passive components and EL based optical components on flexible substrates. The technology is valuable in building new electronic devices such as high-density touch panel switches, functional sensor modules, large size signboards, and flexible displays. The technology is also beneficial for building additional fine conductive traces on other circuit devices including multi-layer rigid boards, flexible circuits, ceramic circuits and monolithic IC chips.

Contact: DKN Research LLC, 62 Adams St., Haverhill, MA 01830-6862 978-436-1417 Web:

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