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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Creform Intros Versatile AGV Tug
Programmable tight-space tug.
Greer, SC — Creform has introduced its BST AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Tite-Space Tugger, especially suited for delivering to line-side assembly points when space is at a premium. With a minimum turning radius of 400mm (17.5-in.), it slips into tight spots and leaves just as easily.

The new tugger consists of a low-profile, sleek design that includes a drive motor, 24VDC power supply, and guidance sensors. It travels in a single direction along an easily installed magnetic tape guidepath at speeds of 4 to 50m/min and glides under stationary pushcarts, engaging the cart by extending a catch pin into the cart's BST interface. The BST unit then conveys the cart to the required workstations or load/unload points further along the magnetic guidepath, retracts the pin to disengage the cart and is free to travel to further points and move additional carts. A variety of carts can be moved, provided the undercarriages of all the carts are alike and have the BST interface. A major advantage of the Tite-Space unit, like all of the company's BST AGVs, is its ability to mobilize multiple carts with a single drive unit, making it an economical alternative to other delivery methods. For larger operations, a series of BST drive units can power an entire fleet of carts.

The Tite-Space unit has a maximum towed weight of 600kg (1320lb) and draw bar weight of 26kg (57 lb) depending on floor conditions and caster selection. For safety it has electromagnetic braking, audible warning and flashing light, obstacle sensor, bumper switch and e-stop. It also has a battery tray cart for easy battery changing.

Command tapes initiate AGV functions such as speed changes, route selection and extend/retract tow pin, but control options include PLC, RF, RFID, and optical communicator.

Contact: Creform Corp., P.O. Box 830, Greer, SC 29652-0830 800-839-8823 fax: 864-877-3863 E-mail: Web:

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