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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Assembleon Unveils Hi-Speed Autoplacer
High-capacity, high throughput autoplacer.
Veldhoven, Netherlands — Royal Philips Electronics subsidiary Assembleon has unveiled the new Yamaha YS24 pick-and-place machine — a full-featured dual-sided machine that has a total of 120 feeder positions in a space of just two square meters. With speeds up to 72,000 components per hour, it is reportedly the world's most productive machine per square meter. The continuous drive to cut cost of operations makes area productivity a key performance indicator.

Ultra compact machines like the YS24 can produce up to 30 percent higher output from the same floor space, which raises earnings while also making better use of resources, maintenance and energy. The ultra slim and intelligent electrical feeding platform packs up to 120 feeders into the machine. Combined with fine pitch placer like the MC-1 or MC-8, the YS24 can provide over 240 feeder positions to a production line. This guarantees the highest flexibility in family setups or high mix production.

The machine also performs high quality placement of a wide component range, from 0.4 x 0.2mm (01005) up to 32mm2. Combined with an MC-1 or MC-8 fine pitch placer, this can increase to component sizes as large as 45 x 100mm and 25mm high.

In addition, the machine can handle board sizes up to 700 x 460mm,

Contact: Assembleon America, Inc., 5110 McGinnis Ferry Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30005 800-474-4547 or 770-751-4420 fax: 770-751-4450 Assembleon Netherlands B.V., De Run 1110, 5503 La Veldhoven, The Netherlands +31 40 27 23000 fax: +31 40 27 23200

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