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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Removable Terminal Carriers from AIC
West Warwick, RI — Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers from Advanced Interconnections Corp. are described as the best solution for device socketing and board-to-board interconnect. Compared to traditional molded insulators, the ultra-thin, 0.005-in. (0.13mm) polyimide film carrier, employing near flush solder tail terminals (Type -210), reduces component height above the PC board by as much as 80 percent, down to .015? (0.38mm). For board-to-board applications, standard spacing options range from .045? (1.14mm) to .250? (6.35mm) with custom options available to suit virtually any application.

In-house carrier stamping and precision drilling enable fast turn-around on customized configurations including prototypes. Unique designs include zig zag, off pitch, special radius, circular, and patterns with multiple terminal/pin styles or cutouts. Thousands of screw-machined socket and adapter terminals to choose from include tin/lead or lead-free plating as well as optional solder preforms for mixed SMT/through-hole soldering environments.

The removable terminal carriers allow virtually any pattern of sockets and/or pins to be combined on a single sheet for one-time PCB loading as compared to the costly and time-consuming operation of discrete terminal placement (manual or automated stitching). The RoHS-compliant insulator is made from high temperature polyimide film and can be left in place after soldering for added stability or easily removed for full solder joint visibility, inspection and test.

Applications include socketing of relays, power devices — such as converters and transformers — temperature and process-sensitive sensors, displays and other devices as well as applications in various industries including automotive, aerospace, computer and peripherals, industrial, instrumentation and test, medical, military, and telecom. Standard configurations such as DIP, SIP, and PGA patterns are also available with a 3-day lead-time.

Contact: Advanced Interconnections Corp., 5 Energy Way, West Warwick, RI 02893 800-424-9850 or 401-823-5200 fax: 401-823-8723 Web:

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