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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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AdoptSMT Unveils New Digital FeederMaster
Feeder calibration system.
Grodig near Salzburg/Austria — AdoptSMT Group has introduced its latest model of the FeederMaster® calibration system for component feeders.

The original Feeder Test Jig, as it was then called by AlternativeSMT (today AdoptSMT UK), was to mechanically index Fuji CP4/3 and CP6 feeders. Then, a camera was added to check the pick position.

The latest model, the Digital FeederMaster, has been designed and manufactured to meet today's exacting standards in feeder accuracy. It has been developed based on the experience and success of its predecessor.

The new system is designed with the same kind of base interchangeability, which allows the end user to test a range of different feeder types. At present, Siemens, Fuji NXT, Juki and Assembleon GEM feeders are supported.

The digital FeederMaster includes a digital camera system which allows the new embedded PC and software can capture, store and analyze images of the feeder under test, running at full machine speed. To perform this test, the existing master tape is used to measure any deviations in the pick position.

The recorded data is used to calculate the feeder's CpK value, which is a measure of its repeatable accuracy. As the trend goes to using electronically/electrically driven feeders, the system can now read the maximum current consumption, which is indicated for every tested feeder.

A 2D bar code reader enables users to either read the manufacturer's unique feeder number label or any label that can be generated individually. Using the system's Zebra printer, users can print 50 x 25mm labels with customer-specific design.

After calibration of any feeder the results are stored under the feeder's unique number, so that the calibration results can be retrieved at any time.

The FeederMaster Digital operating system uses an embedded XP computer with 1GB RAM and a dual-core CPU, an 80GB HDD and including IEEE1394 and USB 2.0 interfaces.

System power requirements: 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz, and compressed air at 80 psi (5.5 bar).

Contact: AdoptSMT Europe GmbH, Untersbergstrasse 1, A-5082 Grodig near Salzburg, Austria +43-6246-72440 fax: +43-6246-72550 E-Mail: Web:

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