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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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ACE Intros Service Cart for Quick Solder Pot Change-Outs
Service Cart speeds solder pot change-out.
Spokane, WA — ACE Production Technologies has introduced a new Service Cart that speeds and simplifies the swapping or change-out of solder pots for its KISS family of Selective Soldering machines. Use of the stable cart makes solder pot exchange simple, fast, safe, and requires minimal effort.

Since the new pot is already pre-heated by a built-in warmer, the solder can be molten and ready to run in only a matter of minutes once set in place inside the soldering machine.

According to the company, customers had asked for a way to facilitate solder pot change-outs. Changing or swapping solder pots is a necessary but occasionally tricky operation for selective soldering equipment users.

Since many customers are contract manufacturers using multiple solders to meet a variety of customer specifications, the faster change-outs means that the selective soldering machine can be back in production quickly, with minimal down time. Even though the ACE solder pot is comparably light (30lbs.) and attractive for that reason, it is still necessary to maintain good safety and stability as well as to prepare the exchange solder pot for use as soon as possible. The Service Cart pre-heats the solder to a nearly liquid state prior to swapping into the machine to facilitate this fast change-out.

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