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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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JKL: 5-Watt White LEDs

Pacoima, CA — JKL Components Corporation has introduced its Z-MR16-5W series of MR16 LED lamps. The lamps are standard MR-16 size, with powerful, low heat-generating light. They work with standard 12V LED power and are appropriate for illuminating display cases, shelving and cabinets. Read More
J-Works: USB Relay & Digital Module

Granada Hills, CA — J-Works. Inc. has introduced the JSB342 series of USB controlled modules with two or four 8-Amp SPDT relays and 4 opto-isolated digital inputs. Each relay is rated for 8 Amps at 240VAC or 30VDC. The optically isolated inputs are for connection to user devices such as sensors or ...Read More
Keystone: Insulated Coin Cell Retainers

Astoria, NY — A new series of insulated low profile Coin Cell Retainers, suited for high density PCB packaging is the latest innovation for surface and thru hole mount battery retainers from Keystone Electronics Corp.Read More
Servo Press from Kistler

Amherst, NY — New Servo Press NCFH Type 2151B enhances Kistler's offering of particularly compact and high-precision system solutions for a wide range of press-fitting and servo press tasks with integral force displacement monitoring. This series has now been enhanced with a new joining module with ...Read More
Laird Intros New EMI Shielding Product Line

St. Louis, MO — Laird Technologies, Inc. has released its new family of multi-extrusion shielding gaskets, EMI Gemini. The new product line is a convergence of a thin, electrically-conductive filler elastomer gasket layer and an inner, non-conductive silicone coated core gasket. Read More
Leader Tech: RFI Shielded Vent Panels

Tampa, FL — TechVent shielding panels from Leader Tech are custom manufactured honeycomb panels created to control the unwanted release of RF interference through ventilation holes. This RFI is a major consideration when designing an electronic enclosure, and can be controlled by these shielded panels ...Read More
MH&W: Ultra-Low Silicone Thermal Gap Filler

Mahwah, NJ — MH&W International has added new TP-S3LS ultra-low silicone gap fillers to its line of thermal interface materials. TP-S3LS pads contain less than 50 parts per million of silicone while providing 3.0W/mK of thermal conductivity between hot components and their heat sinks. The gap filler ...Read More
MicroE Intros Hi-Res Optical Linear Encoder

Bedford, MA — MicroE Systems' new Mercury II 5000 is a miniature, high-resolution optical encoder that reportedly gives motion system designers superior performance, accuracy, versatility, ease of use and low cost of ownership compared to other encoders in its class. Read More
Multi-Seals Intros Dissolvable Spacers

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals, Inc. is introducing Wash-Away dissolvable spacers, designed to provide consistent spacing between printed circuit boards and mounted components. These organic polymer spacers locate PCB components during soldering operations. After soldering, Wash-Aways dissolve in water ...Read More
Newport Intros 3 Thermopile Detectors

Irvine, CA — Newport Corporation is introducing three new additions to its 818P Series of thermopile detectors — the fan-cooled 818P-500-55, the water-cooled 818P-3KW-060, and the high-sensitivity 818P-001-12NIR. These updated sensors are intended to meet more stringent user requirements; one ...Read More
Nextreme & Infinite Power Intro Thin-Film Thermal Charger

Durham, NC & Denver, CO — Nextreme Thermal Solutions and Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS) have developed a thermal charger with the ability to continuously recharge the IPS Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) using an eTEG thermoelectric power generator from Nextreme.Read More
Onset Intros Measure & Verification System

Bourne, MA — Onset Computer Corp. has introduced its HOBO® Measurement & Verification System, a portable energy logging system for measuring, analyzing and documenting building energy performance.Read More
Pickering Intros PXI Battery Simulator

Clacton on Sea, UK — Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of customer-focused PXI instrumentation modules with the introduction of the 41-752 Battery Simulator. The new product is an addition to the company's family of battery simulators, which have been available for almost 4 years.Read More
Plastronics Intros ES Socket Solution

Irving TX — Plastronics Socket Company has introduced a reusable, reconfigurable, and repairable socket solution designed to reduce the cost of ownership and lower the cost of burn-in. Read More
PPT Vision: Enhanced Software Speeds Code Reading

Bloomington, MN — PPT Vision, Inc. has introduced its 8.5 release of Impact software, which reads three times more barcodes than the previous version, providing a solution for a wide range of machine vision applications. Read More
Protek: High Precision LCR Meter

Englewood, NJ — Equipped with capabilities found in more expensive instruments of this type, the new Model Z8900 bench model, LCR meter from Protek Test and Measurement reportedly provides 0.1 percent accuracy and comes equipped with RS-232 and handler interfaces.Read More
Power Sources: Wide Input Range DC/DC Converters

Wrentham, MA — Power Sources Unlimited has introduced its EC2SB(W) Series single and dual DC/DC converters in a 1 x 1-in. package size. The new converters are suitable for data communication equipment, process/industrial control equipment, telecommunication equipment, and industrial computer systems ...Read More
Radiall Expands Modular EPXB Insert Range

Chandler, AZ — Radiall USA, Inc. has expanded its EPXB and QM connector insert arrangements with the release of two new configurations. These two high density inserts, 48 (48 size 22 contacts) and 69 (69 size 24 contacts), offer optimized space for signal contacts, a gain of 20 percent more contacts ...Read More
Recom: Ultra-Compact 4 Watt AC/DC Power Module

Brooklyn, NY — Recom's new ultra-compact 4 watt AC/DC power module — the RAC04 Family — is suitable for applications with mounting space restrictions and low weight requirements. An efficiency close to 80 percent guarantees high reliability; in accordance with MIL Standards MTBF reaches 350 ...Read More
Rogers Intros Soft Seal Foam Material

Woodstock, CT — The High Performance Foams Division of Rogers Corp.has introduced an addition to the line of Poron® ThinStik Self-Adhesive Solutions and Poron® ThinStik Soft Seal.Read More
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