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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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ECD-U Celebrates 1,000 Student Milestone
Milwaukie, OR — When company travel budgets are stretched to the limit and engineering staffs wear multiple hats, companies are reluctant to send even their best engineers for training that involves travel costs and time away from the office. ECD, a manufacturer of thermal profiling equipment and software located in Milwaukie, OR, has taken these constraints into consideration over the last two years, and has reached the milestone of training well over a thousand engineers through ECD-University, its in-house online teaching facility. Available live online, and led by an in-person instructor, these classes require no travel, and only an hour of an engineer's time.

According to Grant Peterson, VP Marketing and Sales at ECD, "Our feedback tells us these classes are a real boon to the industry because of their accessibility and friendliness to a company's bottom line. Free of charge as an industry-service, all classes are live and instructor-led, providing students the opportunity to not only ask questions right from their desks but also to provide input that could very well benefit the entire industry. "In addition," Peterson continued, "ECD-U classes are more specific than those targeting a general audience. No matter what the experience level of the engineer, he or she can become even better versed.."

Based on the philosophy inherent in its Thermal Quality Management (ThQM) Program that thermal profiling is a process, not a single act, and should be reflected in every stage of PCB or component assembly, ECD-University teaches the fundamentals of Thermal Quality Management as well as product and software principals and usage. ECD-University, like ECD products, is customer-need driven. As a result, class content reflects real-world production floor challenges and solutions.

As an added arm of the University, ECD's online Visual Tutorials (also accessed through www.ecd.com/ecdu) can be viewed online. These include profile planning and machine management and monitoring, and demonstrate use of the various products available. That becomes especially valuable in case of an unusual situation's arising on the floor. Viewing the tutorial often can quickly solve the problem.

Contact: ECD, 4287-B S.E. International Way, Milwaukie, OR 97222-8825 503-659-6100 E-mail: grant.peterson@ecd.com Web:

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