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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Alpha Wire Adds 3-Cond. Cable Versions
Round symmetrical cable.
Elizabeth, NJ — Alpha Wire now offers its V Series cables in a three-conductor version. V Series cables are designed specifically for the needs of variable-frequency drives. The cables use a combination of materials and symmetrical geometry to minimize problems from voltage irregularities such as harmonics, corona discharges, and power distortion.

The cable's specially formulated cross-linked polyethylene insulation provides superior corona resistance, low capacitance for longer runs, and excellent low-temperature properties. The three-conductor cables have a symmetrical design with the bare copper ground wires placed in the interstices of the conductors for uniform conductor-to-ground capacitance and impedance. This uniformity reduces the probability of motor damage from common-mode current. The round, symmetrical design also reduces the diameter of the cable and increases its flexibility for easier routing and handling. Available in wire sizes from 16 AWG to 4/0 AWG, the oil- and sunlight-resistant shielded cables have a PVC jacket and a temperature range from -40 to +90°C. The cables use an overall shield to provide maximum EMI protection over a wide frequency range. For 16 AWG to 4 AWG, the shielding is a combination of aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil and copper braid with 85 percent coverage. For larger gauge sizes, the shielding is double-layer copper table.

Compatible with systems from all major VFD manufacturers, the new three-conductor V Series cables are approved to a wide range of standards that includes UL Types TC-ER, 1000-V Motor Supply Cable, and XHHW-2. The cables allow direct burial without conduit.

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