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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Goepel: Total Test Coverage, Total Integration
Opticon Turboline integrated AOI option for X-ray systems.
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is demonstrating how to achieve the highest possible fault and test coverage by combining and integrating several test technologies. The company focuses on delivering integrated test solutions utilizing various test methodologies so that customers receive the maximum possible quality assurance.

The range of possible combinations includes existing and potential solutions that marry the different test technologies JTAG/Boundary Scan, Automated Optical and X-ray Inspection (AOI/AXI), Functional Test, In-Circuit Test and Digital Image Processing. The combinations of ICT/Boundary Scan/Functional Test, Functional Test and ICT or Boundary Scan and AOI is being demonstrated on several systems. The company is also introducing ground-breaking products from its individual business units, including several AOI/AXI innovations: double-sided in-line AOI for THT components in the OptiCon TurboLine, an integrated double-sided AOI option for the X-Ray inspection system OptiCon X-Line 3D and the new "BScan Ready" option for all of the company's AOI systems. All inspection systems will have a Boundary Scan integration option.

Also on display: the brand-new SCANFLEX® controller SFX/ASL 1149-x, which supports USB, LAN, and PCIe and the Agilent SW migration for vector export in Agilent In-Circuit Testers. In addition, the company is introducing BAC LIN, the first Boundary Scan controlled interface module for testing the LIN bus, widely used in the automotive industry.

The Automotive Test Solutions division is unveiling the new Intelligent Programmable Multibus Controller (IPMC) PXI 6100. This is a completely new generation of high performance Automotive Communication Interfaces from the new 61xx series based on a Power PC.

Contact: Goepel electronics LLC, 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 150W, Austin, TX 78759 888-446-3735 or 512-782-2500 E-mail: info-AT-goepelusa.com Web:
http://www.goepelusa.com or http://www.goepel.com

See at productronica Booth A1.239.

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