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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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OK Int'l Launches New Product Catalog
New product line catalog in print and online.
Garden Grove, CA — OK International has released a brand new product catalog, now available as a free download prior to the release of a print version. The catalog provides easy-to-use selection charts and has been updated with the company's latest soldering/desoldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing technologies — providing a useful guide to the company's extensive product range.

Spanning 48 pages, the new catalog takes a comprehensive look at the company's technologies, including new products such as the PS-900 Soldering System, designed to raise power output without using excessive tip temperatures for improved production quality, better joint formation and reduced tip erosion. The catalog also includes the economical and operator-friendly MFR-1100 Multi-Function Rework System, the only single output system to utilize both a soldering cartridge and tip.

The newly introduced MRS-1000 Modular Rework System is also included. A high-accuracy benchtop rework system, it is suitable for advanced processes requiring enhanced control. This product information is complemented by a guide to SmartHeat®, the company's exclusive patented soldering technology. Able to sense the exact thermal requirement for each solder joint, SmartHeat responds by delivering the precise amount of thermal energy required to create a reliable connection.

The new catalog also outlines how the company's product range allows users to tap into three advantages over competitive systems. A training advantage is delivered through minimal instruction requirement and inherent usability; an application advantage is delivered through maximum functionality and flexibility; and finally, a productivity advantage is delivered by enhanced yield and an improved bottom line. Providing easy access to a whole host of useful company information, the catalog also contains detailed hand soldering and rework product selection charts, as well as tip and cartridge selection charts for the entire range of OKi-branded products.

Contact: OK International, 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-799-9910 fax: 714-799-9533 Web:

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