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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Aeroflex Developing PXI Test Solution Phone Chips
Customized PXI test solution.
Stevenage, UK — Aeroflex will deliver a non-signaling PXI solution customized for RF production line test of Infineon's second-generation ultra low-cost mobile phone platform. The solution, based on the Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series, will test Infineon's second-generation ultra low-cost chipset (X-GOLD® 101).

The primary challenges facing mobile phone handset manufacturers today are getting to market first, lowering the cost of

manufacturing test and optimizing valuable engineering resources. Aeroflex's PXI accelerates the development of a customized RF test solution to meet these needs.

The key advantage of the PXI solution is its flexibility, which contributes to lower test costs and faster test times. The PXI 3000 Series is able to test many more standards — such WLAN, CMA2000/1xEVDO, WiMAX, UMTS, GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth and LTE — than previous "one-box solutions" could. This is important because today's design engineers and manufacturers are developing sophisticated cell phones that require cellular handset developers to test one device for compliance with many, if not all, of these standards. With the PXI 3000 Series, the same flexible high-performance high-speed hardware tests all the 2G, 3G and 4G and wireless data standards. Furthermore, the user can add software modules to customize the solution to meet current and future RF testing needs.

According to the company, the test system achieves up to five times more throughput than conventional instrumentation and is leading the market in terms of test speed. Its performance is the result of very fast-responding hardware and the use of multi-core processors. Multi-core processing through the inherently open software architecture helps the engineer to perform multiple simultaneous measurements and multi-device testing.

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