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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Adhesives Research: 2 New Optically Clear Tapes
New adhesives are glass-clear.
Glen Rock, PA — Adhesives Research is introducing ARclear® 92400 and ARclear 92469, new optically clear, and electronically clean, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes for bonding surfaces in capacitative touch-screen assemblies.

These new optically clear transfer adhesive tapes provide reliable optical bonds across the entire glass viewing surface of capacitative touch screens to indium tin oxide (ITO)-coated substrates. Both tapes use the company's new AS-192 adhesive that demonstrates low extractable anions and low outgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while retaining optical transparency and clarity. The adhesive is acid-free and does not contribute to any corrosion of the ITO layers, thus assuring long-term stability of the finished product.

The ARclear 92400 is a 1-mil transfer adhesive and 92469 is a 2-mil transfer adhesive. Both have an optically clear polyester release liner on each side of the adhesive for ease of handling and application.

As with all of Adhesives Research?s products, the company can customize a tape product to a customer?s unique specifications utilizing the AS-192 adhesive with adhesive thicknesses up to 3 mils in transfer adhesive and double-sided constructions.

Capacitative touch screens are growing in popularity for consumer electronics where multiple touch points are desired to increase device functionality. Because they do not require any mechanical movement or require the use of a stylus, capacitative touch screen formats are replacing resistive touch screen technology in a number of hand-held devices and new touch screen computers.

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