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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Coming Out of the Shadows
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
After a series of November trade shows, it appears that our world's economy is on the mend, but far more slowly than we would like. The IMAPS Show in San Jose was small and slow, yet there were reports of good, solid leads by exhibitors. This was followed closely by the enormous productronica in Munich. Using five exhibit halls, this gathering of the world's electronics elite was very upbeat, although not as busy as in previous years. Maybe that's why they stage it only every two years.

Returning home, it was gratifying to see the Dow-Jones firmly planted well above 10,000 again for the first time in many, many down months. Does this mean that the recession is really receding? This is a wait and see, because there is certainly no such thing as "business as usual" in the face of the kid of economic news that has plagued the world for the last year.

Things are picking up in China; closed factories are opening again, and a cautious world market is watching suspiciously as a very important Holiday Shopping Season tentatively tries to jump-start the impecunious economy with "Black Friday" sales starting weeks before the real Black Friday.

Business in the European Union is rebounding, led by a resurgent German economy. The Euro is up again, topping $1.5 in the exchange market; it had slid to a low of $1.2555 last March. This continuing low value for the dollar has a silver lining: U.S. exports tend to rise when the dollar falls, and there is an ongoing trend of more precision high-tech manufacturing returning to American shores. Next year's IMAPS show is scheduled for Raleigh, NC, right next to Research Triangle Park — the East Coast's version of Silicon Valley. Will it be bigger, better and busier? We'll just have to wait and see.  

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