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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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IGBT Connectors & Cables from 2E Syscom

Framingham, MA — The IGBT connectors and cable assemblies from 2E Syscom are designed specifically for attaching to the spade terminals on IGBT modules. These are used to connect the IGBT power modules to a printed circuit board. Suitable for 2 faston tabs 2.8 x 0.5mm, the connectors are made with ...Read More
AEMC® Intros 5000V Megohmmeter

Foxborough, MA — The Megohmmeter Model 6505 is a portable instrument housed in a rugged field case and operates on either battery or line power. It performs voltage, insulation, and capacitance measurements. Insulation resistances up to 10,000 GΩ (10T) can be measured, and test voltages from 40 ...Read More
Alpha Wire Adds 3-Cond. Cable Versions

Elizabeth, NJ — Alpha Wire now offers its V Series cables in a three-conductor version. V Series cables are designed specifically for the needs of variable-frequency drives. The cables use a combination of materials and symmetrical geometry to minimize problems from voltage irregularities such as ...Read More
APEM: Rear-Mounted Sealed Pushbutton Switches

Haverhill, MA — APEM Components, a manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, has expanded its range of sealed pushbuttons with the introduction of its IZ series rear-mounted sealed pushbutton switches. Read More
Astrodyne Intros 130W Power Supplies

Mansfield, MA, — Astrodyne is introducing its PMK/PMMK130, the most recent series of flexible switching AC/DC power supplies to join the PMK/PMMK family. The power supply family currently consists of 150, 225, 320, 450W models and now has added 130W model for lower wattage applications.Read More
Baumer Intros Pulsed Red LED Sensors

Southington, CT — New from Baumer, the FADK 14 Pulsed Red LED Sensor that offers resolutions of 0.1mm to 1mm at a sensing range of 50 to 400mm, designed to provide high-speed distance and position measuring. Read More
Beckhoff: Energy-Saving Industrial PC

Minneapolis,MN — Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new C6915 series industrial computers to provide dynamic Industrial PCs that are as energy-efficient as they are powerful. Using Intel Atom processors, the C6915 IPCs provide up to 1.6GHz processing power with dramatically reduced energy consumption ...Read More
IP68 Pre-Wired M12 Connectors from Binder

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has added its M12 panel connectors with M20 x 1.5 and PG 13.5 mounting threads to its product line. Each connector is pre-wired and has a potted rear termination making the connectors suitable for harsh environments.Read More
Bridgeport Intros Weatherproof Steel Enclosures

Shelton, CT — The Tortran division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc. now offers its complete line of custom and standard design toroidal power and isolation transformers installed at the factory in weatherproof steel enclosures.Read More
B+K Adds to Line of Regulated DC Power Supplies

Yorba Linda, CA, — B+K Precision has expanded its line of single-output, linear-regulated DC power supplies with the introduction of the 9150 series. The company now offers over 75 models in its line of affordable, high performance power supplies. With four models to choose from in the 9150 series ...Read More
CDE Intros SMD Al Polymer Capacitors

Liberty, SC — Cornell Dubilier has introduced types SPCX and SPSX surface mount aluminum polymer capacitors for DC/DC converter input and output applications. Both series are designed to handle up to 260°C solder temperatures used in the manufacture of RoHS-compliant circuit boards.Read More
Dalsa Intros Next Gen Smart Camera

Billerica, MA — Dalsa Corporation has introduced its BOA vision system, a highly integrated smart camera that includes all of the elements of an industrial machine vision system. Powerful and quick-to-deploy, the BOA is suitable for automated quality inspection applications and factory automation ...Read More
New Slide Switch from Duraswitch

Frankenmuth, MI — Duraswitch® has added a slide switch to its line of long-life, flat panel switches. As with all of the company's products, the new slide switch is based on a patented, magnetic-based design that results in a robust, highly customizable user interface solution.Read More
Eaton Adds Power Protection Products

Raleigh, NC. — Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has expanded its product line to include new 1000, 1500 and 2200VA models. These line-interactive models are specifically designed for protecting information technology (IT) systems, as well as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP ...Read More
Electroswitch: Time Delay Control Switch

Weymouth, MA — A new time delay control switch relay (TD-CSR) has been introduced by Electroswitch. The new TD-CSR provides a safe and effective means for local control to mitigate the arc flash danger in circuit breaker operation. It provides for a manually initiated time-delay trip or close operation ...Read More
E-Mark: Individual SMT Box Contacts

Shelton, CT — E-Mark Inc. has introduced its individual SMT box contacts for direct PCB mounting. Capable of being oriented for either horizontal or vertical (for bottom post entry) mounting these contacts will accept either 0.025-in. square posts or 0.032-in. round pins forming a gas-tight connection ...Read More
Ultra-Low Power High Voltage from EMCO

Sutter Creek, CA — Ultra Low Power (ULP) Series DC-DC converters from EMCO are designed to meet the demands of portable, battery-powered applications. The ULP Series provides output voltages from 0 to 500VDC through 5000VDC, while consuming less than 2 milliwatts of power. This translates to 4500 ...Read More
Low-Cost, Low-Resistance Connector from Fujipoly

Carteret, NJ — The Silver Zebra® elastomeric connector from Fujipoly is a perfect low-cost solution for most electronic packages that utilize a component-to-board or board-to-board design. The Zebra® connector offers a current-carrying capacity up to 0.700 amps per square 0.040-in. and exhibits ...Read More
High Performance Socket Adapter from Ironwood

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics' new high-performance socket adapter, SF-BGA199B-B-05, allows 0.65mm pitch, 12 x 16mm body, 18 x 22 array Samsung MCP KMYFE0C0CM-D300 memory ICs to be placed in the socket and operate without compromising performance in demanding applications. If the target circuit ...Read More
Tiny Digital Bar Code Reader from Keyence

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — The Keyence BL-1300 Ultra-compact Digital Bar Code Reader is the first model in its class to use parallel digital processing technology. Noise reduction and compensation functions, only possible with digital processing, overcome the reading performance difficulties of conventional analog circuits. Constructed with die-cast magnesium bodies, the IP-65 rated readers are highly resistant to dirt and harsh environments, and can be easily mounted...
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