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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Laser-Free HDI PCBs from Rainbow

Munich, Germany — A new method of producing High Density Interconnect (HDI) boards is being unveiled by Rainbow Technologies, a sister company to Teknek. Traditional laser systems are expensive to buy and costly to operate, and their output is notoriously slow — usually imaging only one side at a time.\par ...Read More
Tyco Intros CFP Optical Transceiver Interconnect

Harrisburg, PA — The CFP-compliant interconnection system from Tyco Electronics provides a pluggable solution for 40- and 100-Gb/s Ethernet applications. The CFP-compliant interconnection components include a transceiver module plug connector, a host receptacle connector installed on the host board ...Read More
Wiha Tools: Master TorqueControl Set

Monticello, MN — Wiha Tools has introduced a new Master TorqueControl Set with a range of 1 to 50-in.-lbs. (0.11298 to 5.649Nm). The TorqueVario-S adjustable driver comes with a certificate of calibration. This is described as one of the most ergonomic torque-limiting screwdrivers available today ...Read More
Advanced AOI Systems from YESTech

Carlsbad, CA — YESTech, a Nordson company, is showcasing its new FX-Series AOI, BX benchtop AOI and X-Ray inspection solutions for populated printed circuit boards. The new system is equipped with advanced 5 megapixel color camera technology and Fusion Lighting, offering high-speed PCB inspection ...Read More
Muhlbauer: High-Speed RFID Converting Machine

Roding, Germany — Muhlbauer's new CL 60000 is a highly flexible and modular RFID converting solution, suitable for a maximum variety of output products: wet inlays, self-adhesive labels, tickets, hang tags and baggage tags (partially with optional modules). Clients can choose between different adhesive ...
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Controlled Humidity Storage from XDry

Las Vegas NV — XDry Corporation is presenting its controlled humidity storage solutions, including a range of desiccant dry cabinets ranging from single-door table-top units to multi-door, multi-shelf free-standing systems. XDry Ultra-Low Humidity Dry Cabinets can provide an effective operating range ...Read More
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