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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Capturing and Troubleshooting Serial Data Signals

Many chips and devices send information or are controlled by a serial data bus. Even if you are not designing the serial data path, you may end up testing the correct operation of your device by sending certain addresses or data values then checking for proper action. In recent years ...Read More
High Voltage Carbon Film Resistors

In today's business climate, many manufacturers are looking for cost-effective resistors that have high reliability. And with the virtual extinction of the carbon composition resistor, many of these OEMs are turning to carbon film.Read More
Linear Encoders for Production Environments

The typical manufacturing environment can be harsh, meaning that measuring machines have to meet new requirements that either did not exist or were less critical in the previously sheltered surroundings of a measuring room. Measuring machines on the shop floor are exposed to changing ...Read More
The Case for AOI Color vs. Grayscale

The Achilles heel of AOI efficiency is arguably the occurrence of false alarms. A solution to delivering more confident results by dramatically reducing these false alarms leaves behind the common approach of grayscale image processing in favor of true color — to literally extend ...Read More
Finding the Missing Link with X-Ray

In many of the world's leading Electronics Manufacturing facilities x-ray inspection is a must-have item. Yet, of all of the machines on the production floor, x-ray is quite often the most under-utilized piece of capital equipment. From the simplest to the most complex of systems, x ...Read More
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