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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Next Generation Stencil Technology from TMP
Colorado Springs, CO — Thin Metal Parts (TMP) has introduced next generation surface mount technology (SMT) for stencil products. The company has developed three new proprietary stencils, each offering a special feature set and designed to meet a wide range of specific needs in the high-quality end of the printing industry.

The E-form Plus is the company's premier laser-cut stencil using electroformed Nickel 11 material, which offers the maximum in precision, durability, and performance and finished with TMP-LACH post processing.

Alloy 9 is a proprietary alloy laser-cut stencil with superior performance to other alloy stencils due to the 7-step aperture polishing process. Alloy 9 Plus is a proprietary alloy laser-cut stencil with the TMP-LACH post processing.

Basic 17/7 laser-cut stencil is offered as the base stencil cut on the custom laser system.

New proprietary materials have been developed to significantly improve the printing process. Nickel 11 is used in the E-form Plus stencil has been specially formulated to outperform all other electroformed nickel stencil materials. It offers increased solder paste volume, better print-to-print consistency, improved release characteristics, and maximum surface contact between stencil and board.

Alloy 9 is used in the Alloy 9 Plus and Alloy 9 stencils, and has been developed to interact with the company's custom laser equipment to produce smoother aperture walls and consistently cleaner solder bricks, and to reduce print defects.

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